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New anti-corruption authority could deliver ‘more transparency’ in Gibraltar, government says

GIBRALTAR government looks to create a new independent anti-corruption authority that will be able to investigate fraud, bribery or misconduct in public office. Chief Minister...

MASTER CHIEF: Gibraltar political leaders cook up a storm at soup kitchen and show their human side

TWO of Gibraltar’s top politicians took a break from international politics and hot TV debates to prepare food at a local soup kitchen. Founder of...

Gibraltar and UK move closer to signing historic EU treaty to remove frontier with Spain at Monday talks in...

GIBRALTAR’s leader said he is ‘confident’ of a ‘positive outcome’ to a post-Brexit deal for Gibraltar after Spain said it was ready to remove...

Gibraltar leaders fly to London ahead of EU treaty talks in Brussels later this week

A NEW round of negotiations between the UK and the EU on a post-Brexit treaty on Gibraltar will take place in Brussels later this...

Gibraltar student Oliver Whitmore wins over judges to represent Rock at UK Youth Parliament

A GIBRALTARIAN student will represent the Rock for the first time at the UK Youth Parliament meeting in the House of Commons on November...

Top UK speakers get ready for return of Gibraltar Literary Festival in late November

AN ECLECTIC mix of 17 UK speakers will flock to Gibraltar’s annual literary festival to be held from November 25-27 at various locations around...

Gibraltar government slams ‘Rumpelstiltskins’ in Opposition for pre-election ‘fairytales’

THE GSLP/Liberal government of Gibraltar slammed the GSD opposition for using ‘empty buzz words to make hypothetical arguments’ a year before the next election. It...

Gibraltar leader welcomes Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister asking for help on EU treaty talks

GIBRALTAR officially welcomed Rishi Sunak as the new UK prime minister after his last remaining challenger pulled out of the race on Monday. Penny Mordaunt...

EXCLUSIVE: Gibraltar will continue to fight to make its own choices, even if there is no EU treaty, SDGG...

THE head of Gibraltar’s push for self-determination believes that being a central part of EU Treaty negotiations shows how the UK and even Spain...

UK Minister for Europe Leo Docherty visits Gibraltar to explore effects of EU treaty

CHIEF Minister Fabian Picardo showed UK minister for Europe Leo Docherty around Gibraltar on Monday during his flying visit to the Rock. Docherty, recently promoted...

Full Gibraltar Parliament refurb to start in November, government reveals

THE parliament of Gibraltar will get a complete facelift starting in November, press reports have revealed. New office areas on the ground floor, an open...

Gibraltar ministers meet with UK Foreign Secretary and Minister for Europe in London

GIBRALTAR’S leaders have met with the UK’s new Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and Minister for Europe Leo Docherty while in London. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo...

Leading Gibraltar public figures salute Queen Elizabeth II after her death, cancel National Day

TOP members of the Gibraltar community led by the Chief Minister, have expressed their sadness over the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Chief Minister Fabian...

UK political and policing ties beefed up in latest developments

ALLIES of Gibraltar in the UK Parliament were briefed yesterday on the latest news from post-Brexit talks with Spain.

COVID-19 could cost Gibraltar up to £150 Million by June 2021

THE COVID-19 crisis will leave a £150 Million hole in Gibraltar coffers, up to June 2021, the Chief Minister announced in Parliament today.

Chief Minister condemns ‘antisemitic’ comments about TG leader

A STRING of racist comments against Member of Parliament Marlene Hassan Nahon has been rebuked by the Chief Minister.

CORONAVIRUS: Gibraltar brings in new law to keep elderly in their homes

Cabinet decide to stop elderly movement as frontier closes on the Rock and and local volunteer get the chance to help out in Coronavirus struggle.

Boris Johnson remains faithful to Gibraltar on talks with the EU

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has once again backed Gibraltar in London meetings on the future relationship with the EU.

FIVE reasons to vote ‘Yes’ in March 19 abortion referendum

AN abortion expert explained in five easy points why Gibraltar should vote 'Yes' in the abortion referendum as the Chief Minister met a top UK professor.

BREAKING: Two suspected smugglers dead after high-speed sea chase

TWO people have died after a Gibraltar police launch collided with suspected drug smuggling launch early this morning in a combined operation.

Political leaders and humanists SLAM ‘ill-judged’ move by religious leaders

Religious leaders have been condemned for trying to link the Nazi Holocaust with abortion in a photo by the Memorial in the park.

Large crowds march for abortion rights in Gibraltar

'We need to trust women' was the message from the wife of the Chief Minister as she gave an impassioned speech at Casemates Square

Gibraltar included in future EU talks by the UK against Spanish wishes

THE Rock’s Chief Minister said he was ‘very pleased’ at Gibraltar’s inclusion in the UK negotiation mandate on the future EU relationship.

‘HUGE HONOUR’: UK House of Commons Speaker made Gibraltar University Chancellor

THE Speaker of the House of Commons is the new chancellor of the Gibraltar University. Sir Lindsay Hoyle, a ‘great’ friend of Gibraltar said he...

Campo mayors ask Madrid for ‘fluid frontier’ with Gibraltar

Ftontier fluidity with Gibraltar has been the main demand from the neighouring towns when they met with the Spanish Foreign Affairs minister in Madrid.

Electric cars at an ‘early stage’ as minister reveals 98% use of fossil fuels

One percent of all vehicles are powered to some extent by electricity, in figures released in Parliament recently,




Embassy: UK licence holders will have to take ‘psychophysical aptitude test’ to exchange document for Spanish one 

THE BRITISH embassy on Friday provided more information about how driving licence exchange will work once an agreement between Spain and the UK has...


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