WEATHER experts have warned of a ‘January Summer’ with drier and hotter-than-usual conditions returning to Andalucia from this weekend. 

Official meteorological service AEMET warned today that the bouts of rain this week have done little to replenish the desperately low reservoirs in the region. 

Both Storm Irene and Storm Juan brought strong winds, which prevented the little rainfall there was from being collected in high volumes. 

In fact, reports Diario Sur, the rainfall only recuperated the water that was lost from the previous week. 

AEMET confirmed in a statement that stability will return to Andalucia this weekend and that the region faces a ‘dry week’ ahead.

“Next week in Andalucia will be drier and warmer than normal for this time of year,” it said in a tweet. 

It then warned of a ‘January summer’ brought on by an anticyclone weather front that is expected to blow in from the Azores islands. 

AEMET added: “Starting Saturday and after the current storm has left us, the weather will become anticyclonic and there will be a change to the east. 

“The stable period will last and temperatures will begin to rise significantly at the beginning of next week.” 

It comes as the southernmost region is preparing to introduce water cuts in the coming weeks. 

Junta president Juanma Moreno said this week that there will need to be the equivalent of 30 straight days of rainfall for such measure to be adopted. 

Catalunya has already declared a drought emergency, bringing in bans on certain public showers and the filling of swimming pools just a few days ago.

According to the latest forecasts, temperatures across Andalucia could climb to as high as 23C next week. 

Sevilla for example will see highs of 23C from Wednesday, while parts of the Costa del Sol, including Marbella, will see highs of 21C. 

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