THE Spanish driving authority’s latest attempt to drum good habits into the nation’s motorists sees them targeting poor signalling.

A failure to indicate when undertaking manoeuvres such as turning, changing lanes, overtaking, or exiting roundabouts will see offenders backhand slapped with a €200 fine – starting January 23. 

The Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) labelled indicating as ‘a critical component of road safety’.

Failing to indicate correctly can lead to severe accidents in a country where 1,145 people died in traffic accidents last year – and the rate is rising.

According to the current Spanish Road Safety Legislation, misuse of indicators, which can confuse other road users, carries the same penalty.

The regulation also specifies that failure to use indicators when required – basic yet essential driving practice – could result in a fine of €80.

This enforcement is part of a broader initiative by the DGT to improve road safety standards in Spain. 

It includes various measures like updating driving licence renewal processes for senior citizens as part of a European Union directive and introducing renewable fuels for all vehicles in Spain.


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