SPAIN’S National Police have arrested a Dutch mafia boss who is alleged to have helped launder at least €6 million for drug cartels. 

The detainee, who was nabbed in Marbella on the Costa del Sol, was the most-wanted fugitive from the Netherlands and was considered the most dangerous too, according to online news site Area Costa del Sol. 

The man is alleged to be one of the most-important leaders of the so-called ‘Mocro Maffia’, which is made up of Dutch nationals of Moroccan origin.

A member of the Mocro Maffia is arrested
National Police

Police investigators detected money-laundering operations for values in excess of €6 billion, as well as links with Latin American drug cartels and other European criminal operations. 

A total of six people were arrested in the operation, which also turned up €75,000 in cash, jewellery valued at €10,000, and two firearms. 

A total of 172 properties, with a value of €50 million, have also been seized, while €3 million of bank deposits have been frozen.

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