Fortunately, we have a great sense of community involvement in the Marina Alta, among people who care about each other and are quick to lend a hand to those who may need it. Furthermore, a truly wonderful group of women have come together to actively participate in working towards our aims which focus on the local community and extend beyond, to having our voices heard in Europe and the United Nations, through democratic representation and within the context of peace.

We are positive and inspiring women of diverse backgrounds, skills and nationalities who encourage and support each other.

For this reason, we are very pleased to invite and welcome you

to participate in our annual meeting and the elections of the new board of the European Union of Women Mujeres en Igualdad Marina Alta

on Friday 16 February 10:00 at the Javea Golf Club. 

Please come along to support us, to find more out about our activities, or even to join our team!

The meeting will be followed by a screening of two prizewinning short films and a video clip, filmed in Jávea and Barcelona and directed by Jo Garcia Garrido and her daughter Alexandra Iglesias.

Mourning, solitude, psychological oppression and sheer joy of life are some of the emotions central to these short films. We’ll open a short discussion afterwards, on the mixed emotions in a woman’s life, on the importance of allowing them their proper space and time, and of standing together in darker and lighter days.

Please feel free to invite friends or acquaintances who you think may be interested.

We would love to see you there!

Margaret Hales, President. The European Union of Women – Mujeres en Igualdad Marina Alta aspires to foster opportunities and equality for women and works together with local councils, organisations, companies and education centres to promote activities that raise awareness about, and improve, opportunities and equality for women and girls.

Our further events and information can be found on Facebook, search: ‘European Union of Women Marina Alta or or you can email us on

European Union of Women  is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) here on the Marina Alta that aims to raise awareness about women’s issues, rights and equality.

It is accredited with the United Nations and the Council of Europe and participates in the organisation for Economic and Social Development (OECD).

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