A TOWN in northern Spain has gone viral for being ‘identical to the Beauty and the Beast’. 

The city’s historic facades overlook the Arlanza river Photo: Ayuntamiento de Covarrubias

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At some point, everyone has wished they were in a Disney movie. 

From the glaciers of Arundel to the temples of imperialist China, there’s always enchanting scenery fit for a fairytale. 

If your favourite princess was the erudite Belle, you’re in luck. 

A town in northern Spain has been dubbed the country’s answer to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by travel influencers. 

Covarrubias, Burgos, is ‘full of corners that will transport you’ to the film, with cobbled streets snaking through ramshackle buildings and historic monuments. 

Just one of Covarrubia’s enchanting alleys Photo: Ayuntamiento de Covarrubias

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The walled city has been inhabited since the paleolithic period and is home to one of Spain’s best preserved roman bridges. 

It was founded in 653 by a Visgoth king, where the San Cosme and San Damian churches now stand. 

Some 100 years later, the Moors destroyed the city and built its first defensive towers, eventually making Covarrubias front line of the reconquest of Spain. 

After Catholics had retaken hold of the Iberian peninsula, Covarrubias became the capital of Castille, a highly influential Spanish kingdom which reigned from 1065-1833. 

It is this period which has shaped the city’s legend.

In 1258, Kristina of Norway married Prince Felipe of Castille before moving to Sevilla. 

Unfortunately the princess, known for her beauty, died of heatstroke in the ‘frying pan of Spain’. 

Her body was subsequently moved to Covarrubias and today, singles from all over Europe visit her tomb, hoping for better luck in their dating lives. 

The facades of Covarrubias will transport you to Belle’s French village Photo: Ayuntamiento de Covarrubias

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There is also a festival dedicated to the princess, held in October with music, artisan crafts and theatre performances. 

The city is also home to a ‘Book Museum’, housed in Covarrubia’s archive. 

Nearby, there are two historic monasteries, Silos and San Pedro de Arlanza. 

They are found in the Lerma area, which is well known for its gastronomic offering, including the exquisite DO Arlanza wines. 

Adventurers can also follow the Arlanza river to discover the stunning countryside, found in the heart of the old Castille kingdom.

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