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‘Serial fraudster expat’ Paula Neale arrested in Spain following Olive Press expose

SERIAL expat fraudster Paula Neale who was first exposed by the Olive Press has finally been arrested in Spain. It comes after dozens of...

Prime suspect in murder of Gabriel Ruiz, 8, linked to previous death of 4-year-old girl in Spain

THE prime suspect in the murder of Gabriel Ruiz has been linked to a previous death of a four-year-old girl in Spain.  Ana Julia Quezada...

WATCH: 64-year-old woman gives birth to twins in Spain

The birth will likely be met by controversy

World’s ‘most mysterious book’ set to make Spanish publisher millions

Almost 300 people have already put in pre-orders

An up-and-coming Spanish artist makes Madonna’s masks

The horned masks made by Cecilio Castrillo were worn by Madonna’s dancing troupe the night she took a tumble

EXCLUSIVE: Vladimir Putin’s personal vineyard at multimillion euro Marbella mansion

Sources reveal 25 plants from Spain's top bodega Pingus have been flown down to the Costa del Sol. By Tom Powell

Spain austerity: Spending protest grips city of Burgos

Protests continue in Burgos over planned redevelopment project

Costly road revamp leads to street violence in Burgos

Three days of rioting in Spanish city over eight million euro plan to revamp a major thoroughfare and put in 'costly' underground car parking

‘Barbarians’ hack up Roman mosaic

Thieves steal priceless fifth century mosaic

The land that time forgot

Spain is littered with traces of ancient man, remains of dinosaurs and proof that Neanderthal man held his last stand in Gibraltar just 24,000 years ago. After a 6ft thigh bone of a dinosaur was found in Teruel, the Olive Press sent Wendy Williams to investigate

What a cultured bunch!

Next week a shortlist will be drawn up to decide on which Spanish city will become Europe’s City of Culture in 2016. Nicola Cowell takes a look at what is on offer

British toddlers killed in Spain crash

The family were travelling to Morocco when the driver lost control and veered off the road

ETA bombs kill two

Dozens injured as Basque separatist group marks 50th anniversary with two bombs – while third is expected





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