15 Jan, 2014 @ 10:32
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Costly road revamp leads to street violence in Burgos

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BURGOS residents have resorted to street riots to express their frustration over a reported eight million-euro revamp of the city’s main thoroughfare.

During the three consecutive days of violent protests, 40 people were arrested and 11 police officers were said to have been injured.

The plans for the thoroughfare include decreasing the road’s size by half and taking away free parking spaces in favour of a new, underground, “pay and display” carpark.

One resident, angry at the way the city’s money is being spent, said:

“Considering the era we’re living in and the debt our city has, I find the situation lamentable.”

Burgos is reportedly in debt to the tune of 500 million euros, however the city’s mayor, Javier Lacalle, says the project was the people’s choice.

“This project had the support of 80 percent of the people who exercised their right to vote in the 2011 election,” said Lacalle. “It was an important project put forward by the Socialist Party and the People’s Party.”

Unemployment in Spain is high as a result of the recession and austerity measures are being put in place. In the wake of this, locals in Burgos say they disagree with plunging their city even further into debt.

Claire Wilson

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  1. Why the hell are they allowed to spend 8 million on work when they have such huge debts!!!!!!!!!! I imagine all the workers that have had the wages and rights cut must be happy with this, truly shocking. I also wonder how of that 500 million euro debt is money the town hall owes local residents in unpaid bills. this is another example of how Spain is out of control, in fuengirola they just spent a load of money giving 2 streets a face lift and widening the path, yes it looks better, not much better, but the point is it is a job that really didnt need doing

  2. It is curious that, no matter how grave the scandal the PP and PSOE still get elected in their fiefdoms. So well done the people of Burgos….maybe you’ve broken the mould.
    But the acid test wiill be whether there is a change of political control in Burgos at the next elections.

  3. “40 people were arrested and 11 police officers were said to have been injured”.
    In detail: the arrests were for assulting police fists and batons with faces, sides-of-heads, and back-of-knees. The liberal hippy scum (as they call themselves) had organised a terrorist style attack of standing behind police cordens and hurling abuse. Some of that abuse was strong and heavy, and actually stuck to some officers.
    Injuries reported were back problems, from dragging unconsious lefties to paddy-wagons, wrist strains from having to beat so many women, and one officer is on mental-stress leave as he was terrified he’d caught some disease from all the blood that was spilt: “as i was beating a young woman unconsious she deliberately put a bloody hand on my boot, obviously trying to infect me with her foreign and modern ideas – i havent been able to leave my local venta for days. Who’se going to collect my backhanders?”
    The mayor could not be found for comment in any of his 12 mansions.

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