IT may have been the season of peace and goodwill to all men, but there was precious little festive cheers to be found on the border.
As the temperature dropped, pedestrians were once again forced to spend hours queueing in the cold to cross into Spain. The worst nights were on December 18 and 20, when it took up to three hours to get across the border.

It says a lot for the spirit of those caught in the chaos that no major problems broke out. Some could even see the humorous side. “ I’ve meet some great people there,” said Kevin Noble “It’s a nice way to spend a couple of hours after a hard day at work.”

In another development, members of an elite Spanish customs squad, identifiable by their black berets, stopped pedestrians at the border. They allegedly asked people how much money they were intending to spend in Gibraltar and even asked why they were not shopping in Spain.

Meanwhile, the Defenders of Gibraltar launched their own mascot for the queue. Meet Coney, who they say will be keeping an eye on the border!

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