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World’s ‘most mysterious book’ set to make Spanish publisher millions

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mysterious bookTHE ‘World’s most mysterious book’ is set to make a small Spanish publishing company millions.

Siloe, based in Burgos in Northern Spain, has won the rights to clone Voynich, a centuries-old manuscript written in a coded language that no one has been able to crack.

The company will create 898 exact replicas, and will sell them for seven or eight thousand euros each, bringing in a maximum of €7.1 million.

“Touching the Voynich is an experience,” said Juan Jose Garcia, director of Siloe, “It’s a book that has such an aura of mystery that when you see it for the first time… it fills you with an emotion that is very hard to describe.”

Almost 300 people have already put in pre-orders.

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. YT wmvmSCd2Jg0
    It’s in Landa Khojki script from Sindh Pakistan. Western so called researchers are bent upon treating this as a book from Europe, when in fact it is not. The jars are from Hala in Sindh. The map shows Bukhara, Samarkand in Uzbekistan as the authors ancestors who were Khawaja’s came from Uzbekistan. The book travelled with returning armies with people who are called “Roma” or gypsies to Europe. There is not an iota of truth of this being from Europe. The characters existed and are documented in Unicode. Landa families still hide their business knowhow by mixing characters.
    Please google Landa Khojki to learn the facts and see proofs rather than untruth.
    If you google Sukhwant Singh Voynich, I have a 55 minute video with all the proofs. No guess work.
    Now if the people who are incharge of the book doesn’t understand the phonetics or culture from a distant land, I am not sure how to point it in other terms. If I don’t know Chinese script, which I don’t. Then if you give a book written in Chinese and for sure whole my life i wouldn’t make out what is written in the book. Misrepresentation of a fact when all the proofs have been presented constitutes a conspiracy. The tragedy for Voynich manuscript story is that the people who are interested in solving it belong to a different culture. The people from Sindh, Multan in Pakistan haven’t heard about Voynich(likely). The scripts I mentioned used to exist and then in 1700s the written scripts were forced to follow and interpret the scripts in Persian script, currently Sindhi script is written in Urdu script as the Mughals wanted all administration work to be done in a script which they could understand easily, so when the script have been changed and history is based on new scripts( Phoentics remained same ).
    It becomes difficult for newer generations to figure it out, by going back to the ancestor scripts.
    I didn’t made up the characters, they exist in scarcely available pages of manuscripts and there are about 10-15 people (researchers)in Sindh region who likely know the characters if they are interested. The DNA studies on ROMA people were done in 2009 and clearly proves that they originated from Sindh region. These group of people are called gypsies and are everywhere in Europe for the last 1000 years easily. Wars on Sindh region, Indus Valley civilization started way back from 711 AD. The movement of slaves taken back by returning armies from Turkey/ Iraq region was happening for 100s of years.
    The mere fact on DNA results came about 5-6 years ago. The path the book travelled was unheard of earlier on. Civilizations were advance in other regions that Europe. The finding of book in Europe and Mia categorization from the beginning has led to black holes in its interpretations, if the owner of the book wants to say that it is in so or so language ( without an iota of proof ) then the general public is taken for a ride.
    Apart from 26 sounds in English there are far more in other Phoentics.
    Logic and reasoning has to have a foot hold somewhere in this saga. Just denying something which has been presented with All Proofs is total ignorance of so called researchers.
    If you are interested than watch that 55 minutes video with the proofs, and read the material.
    I don’t need credit from anyone, but what is a fact cannot be brushed aside and for how many years will the library do that.
    If it is not me then someone else from western world after learning the details and Phoentics will point towards what I have been explaining.

  2. Hi all. Here is my solution for VMS.
    The initial name of Voynich manuscript is the “Book of Dunstan”,
    authors – John Dee, Edward Kelly.
    Period of writing – 1583 -1588
    Language: English (XVI century), modified English (imitation of X century)
    The description of coding method is published in pre-print depository:
    For the text of last manuscript page decoding (proof of authorship) see pages 56-73 (chapters 10 and 11 of the article)

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