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Must-visit: Town in Spain that is ‘identical to the Beauty and the Beast’ village goes viral

A TOWN in northern Spain has gone viral for being ‘identical to the Beauty and the Beast’.  READ MORE: This town of 'echanting forests', chestnut...

Revealed: This is the ‘happiest city’ in Spain – and it has the shortest flight time from the UK

SPAIN’s happiest city has been revealed and it’s just a quick flight from Britain.  READ MORE: This is the best all-inclusive hotel in Spain –...

This beauty spot in Spain is among the 24 MUST visit sites in the world for 2024 – according...

CNN has revealed its 24 must visit travel destinations for 2024 and this Spanish beauty spot has made the list.  Last year, international tourism reached...

This charming city in Spain is the most searched location for a holiday in 2024 – and many will...

THIS little known destination in Spain is the most searched for 2024 holiday, according to  It comes after the popular holiday website analysed the...

This city in Spain is a MUST visit for 2024 – according to Forbes

FORBES has revealed the ‘24 best places to travel in 2024’ and a Northern Spanish city has made the top ten.  The list, compiled by...

Magnitude 4.1 earthquake shakes northern Spain

A 4.1 magnitude earthquake has rumbled the provinces of Soria and Zaragoza. The National Geographic Institute (IGN) recorded the quake at 3:15 pm yesterday, Tuesday...

Arsonists reponsible for 91 blazes in Asturias dubbed ‘fire terrorists’

AN incredible 91 fires have been set by arsonists in Northern Spain's autonomous community of Asturias.  It has been reported that 174 people from 39...

Spain cuts windfall tax grab on energy firms to win support of regional political parties

CONGRESS has approved a new windfall tax on excess profits made by energy firms but only after the government agreed to changes demanded by...

Man dies from electric shock after sailing into power cable off coast of northern Spain

A 24-year-old man was electrocuted while sailing on the Ria del Eo on the border between Galicia and Asturias on Sunday, when his boat...

WATCH: Heartwarming moment firefighters give water to young deer trapped by wildfires in Spain

FIRES are devastating vast swathes of woodland across northern Spain in what authorities predict will be the worst year for at least a decade. But...

Off the beaten track: Escape to Arcadia with a holiday in Spain’s northern region Asturias

It’s said the rain in Spain falls mainly in Asturias … But when Olive Press editor Jon Clarke swapped the crowded Costas for a summer break in this peaceful pastoral paradise, he only wore his raincoat once.

Dinosaur man provokes extreme reaction at Easter procession in northern Spain

EASTER processions in Spain are usually a sombre affair where the costumes are typically pointed hoods and long tunics.  But one man stood out after...

Former priest refused bail in Gijon over child corruption charges

A FORMER priest who was arrested on suspicion of child corruption has been refused bail by the Court of Instruction number 1 in Gijón,...

Woman in Spain who put boyfriend’s head in a box and gave it to friend claiming it was sex...

She allegedly used his phone to text his family saying he was fine and staying in Asturias and Galicia.

Spanish man arrested over rape of British teenage girl in park in Spain

The pair are reported to have met during a night out in the city

Fascist vandals paint Nazi swastikas on cultural centre in northern Spain

"We will continue to be profoundly antifascist and committed to the rights and freedoms"

Why you need to visit Spain’s Bilbao this year

How to enjoy one one of Europe’s best gems in 72 hours

Pintxo hopping in Spain’s San Sebastian may be ‘World’s Best Culinary Experience’ but don’t bail on Bilbao

THE world’s best culinary experience has officially been awarded to an old Spanish tradition. Well, Basque that is. Choosing from 500 different food experiences...

Biting off more than you can chew: Growing up with one of Manchester’s first Spanish restaurants

I’ll never forget turning to see the sous chef stood in front of me with something long and, er, red, hanging out of the zip of his trousers

WATCH: One-eyed matador in Spain scalped during brutal bullfight (WARNING: Distressing footage)

Despite the gruesome attack the matador is set to to perform one last bullfight

69-year-old British mountaineer rescued after found hanging on a cliff edge in Spain

The man had fallen almost 33 feet after taking the wrong turning due to thick fog

Spanish woman dubbed Donald Trump’s doppelganger is the funniest thing you’ll see today

Social media users went into a frenzy after noticing the uncanny similarities

Dreams helped by Salvador Dali – where to stay in Asturias

Olive Press editor Jon Clarke's tips on Where to stay in wild hearted Asturias

Forest fire fighters strike as fires rip through Spain

As forest fires force evacuations in northern Spain, forest fire reinforcement services strike for fair wages




Ryanair to add seven new destinations from Alicante this summer

BUDGET airline Ryanair will add a total of nine new routes to the Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernandez airport, connecting the Costa Blanca tourist hotspot to...


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