RESCUED: Brit was found hanging on a cliff edge

AN ELDERLY British mountaineer has been rescued by officials after he was found hanging onto a cliff edge last night.

The 69-year-old was found by a Guardia Civil rescue unit at around 2am in Las Minas del Rabico, a mountain area in the Picos de Europa national park in northern Spain.

Officials reported that the mountaineer, who was doing the trek alone, had taken the wrong route after becoming confused by thick fog.

After slipping on a steep slope, the man fell around 33 feet and was stuck hanging onto a ledge narrowly avoiding a highly dangerous fall.

Luckily he managed to alert his family in England by using an emergency app on his mobile, who immediately contacted the British consulate and got in touch with the Guardia Civil.

The Brit has since been treated for hypothermia, exhaustion and possible head trauma, after officials set up a tent on the mountain to tend to him overnight.

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