Woman Who Put Boyfriends Head In A Box And Gave It To A Friend Claiming It Was Sex Toys In Spain Baked Head To Remove Smell
DECAPITATED: The once happy couple sit side-by-side for a photo

MORE gruelling details have emerged about the woman who is alleged to have killed her boyfriend before putting his head in a box and giving it to her friend, claiming it was an assortment of sex toys. 

Carmen Merino, 62, is currently detained in prison, under investigation for murdering her previous partner, Jesus Maria Baranda, a 67-year-old Bilbao banker who’s been reported missing since February. 

As of last week, the Civil Guard Criminalistics Laboratory in Castro Urdiales have confirmed that the head is that of Baranda.

There is a growing hypothesis that the head was kept because the suspect thought that it would be more difficult for the authorities to identify the victim, and that she baked and wrapped it in plastic to avoid a bad smell emanating from the box, before handing it to her friend to keep hold of.

Relatives of Baranda were suspicious something bad happened to him as his bank activity ceased, with the suspect claiming that he merely left her. 

She allegedly used his phone to text his family saying he was fine and staying in Asturias and Galicia.

The case continues. 

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