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The rural towns you should visit in Spain- according to your star sign

 THIS is the countryside getaway you should take in Spain according to your horoscope. 

Have you ever thought about taking a trip based on your star sign? 

Spain has a weekend away for every personality from thrill seeking fire signs to calm water signs.

Now, the rural holiday platform Escapada Rural, has revealed the holidays which best fit each sign of the zodiac. 

Aries: Hervas (Caceres) 

Hervas is home to one of Spain’s prettiest jewish quarters. Photo: Turismo Cáceres

Surrounded by rolling fields, this small town in the Ambroz valley will bring some peace to ‘bold and ambitious’ Aries. 

However, there’s still plenty of chances to engage their ‘competitive’ side with goats cheese making and herding classes. 

The historic town is known for its traditional stone and wood houses. 

Hervas is also home to one of Spain’s ‘prettiest’ jewish quarter, as well as two churches, Santa Maria and San Juan Bautista. 

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Taurus: Valle de Valdeon (Leon)

An earth sign, Tauruses are normally calm, grounded and serene. 

Any rural escape would be perfect for this star sign, but Escapada Rural picked out the Valle de Valdeon for its lush countryside and beautiful mountains. 

The area is dotted with eight enchanting villages: Posada de Valdeón, Soto de Valdeón, Caín, Santa Marina de Valdeón, Cordiñanes de Valdeón, Prada de Valdeón, Los Llanos de Valdeón and Caldevilla de Valedón.

After a relaxing day exploring, try the local blue cheese, made from the Valdeon valley cow. 

Gemini: Valldemossa (Mallorca) 

This town in the Balearic Islands was the favourite hideout of many creative types including Fryferyk Chopin and George Sand. 

That’s why Valldemossa is perfect for the spontaneous, curious and fun Geminis. 

Found in the Tramontana mountains, this magical spot had plenty of cobbled streets, flowers and incredible views to explore. 

Geminis can even see the piano used by Chopin in his stay to inspire their own extensive hobbies. 

Cancer: O Grove (Pontevedra) 

Pontevedra has been repeatedly named as one of Spain’s up and coming tourist destinations thanks to its cool climate, expansive countryside and historic cities. 

This highly intuitive and flexible water sign will love visiting some of Galicia’s best beaches and enjoying the fresh seafood. 

You can even learn about the area’s fishing history at the Museo da Salga. 

Leo: Parque Nacional de Cabaneros (Ciudad Real y Toledo) 

You can spot wild deer on the plains of Spain’s ‘savannah’ Photo: TripAdvisor

This national park is known as the Spanish savannah thanks to its enormous flat fields and rich greenery. 

It will provide the perfect backdrop for confident, energetic and dramatic leos. 

There, they can parade about on horses, enjoy 4×4 rides, or explore on their own two feet with hikes.

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Virgo: Reserva de Muniellos (Asturias) 

Logical, practical and diligent, Virgos could benefit from a weekend in the enchanted forest of Reserva de Muniellos. 

Fairies and elves are rumoured to hide amongst the trees, but the magic doesn’t stop in the forest. 

The nearby Acebo shrine, Hermo Monastery and romantic Cangas del Narcea are also great days out. 

Libra: Frigiliana (Malaga) 

Libra’s love balance, so Frigiliana, the perfect mix between sea, town and mountains is their perfect weekend getaway. 

The combination of history, culture and beauty means you’ll never run out of things to do in this white washed town, labelled one of the prettiest in Spain. 

We recommend a walk through the cobbled streets enjoying the pastel painted doorways followed by lunch in the town’s panoramic viewpoint. 

Scorpio: Uga (Lanzarote) 

Lanzarote is known for its dramatic volcanic landscapes. Photo by Josep Castells on Unsplash

A pure fire sign, Lanzarote is a obligatory visit for any Scorpio thanks to its abundance of volcanoes. 

Near the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, Uga is one of the island’s oldest towns. 

There, foodies will love the smoked salmon and artisan cheese. 

Puerto del Carmen offers a chance for night owls to get out on the town while the various black sand beaches are great for relaxing. 

Sagittarius: Salguero de Juarros (Burgos) 

This town is surrounded by wild horses and dense oak forests, perfect for this adventurous fire sign. 

Always wanting to see and learn more, Sagittarius will enjoy a safari spotting many rare animals at risk of extinction like European bison and Przewalski horses. 

It’s also a great area to explore rural villages and paths dotted with waterfalls. 

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Capricorn: Brañosera (Palencia)

Brañosera is one of the oldest towns in Spain. Photo: Placencia Turismo

The oldest town in Spain, Brañosera’s old town is worth the visit alone. 

Capricorns are well known for their wisdom and ageing gracefully. 

Luckily for them, there’s more enlightenment to be found in the dramatic Palentina mountains and the surrounding forest.

Take a walk along the calm Rio Camesa or Pozo Merino. 

Aquarius: Lanjaron (Granada) 

For anyone looking for some peace, this Alpujarran town offers a tranquil escape. 

Known as for its legendary medicinal waters which cure any ailment, the sounds of water trickling through the town is sure to calm stormy minds. 

Try a weekend at the spa or simply enjoying a peaceful day of hiking and discovering Lanjaron’s enchanting corners. 

Lorca, a frequent visitor of the Alpujarras, even wrote a poem showing his love for the town.

Pisces: El Castell de Guadalest (Alicante) 

There’s plenty to explore in Alicante’s El Castell de Guadalest Photo:Turismo Guadalest

Dreamers will love El Castell de Guadalest, one of the Valencian community’s best spots. 

The area has a rich cultural history thanks to the Castillo de San Jose, where you can admire beautiful views over the river and mountains. 

One of the most ‘beautiful towns in Spain’, El Castell de Guadalest is known for its hiking, museums and pretty white buildings. 

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