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Irish gangland figure Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch spotted in Lanzarote pub one year after acquittal for murder of Kinahan clan member

A NOTORIOUS Irish underworld figure – and Kinahan nemesis – has been spotted enjoying a pint in Lanzarote.

Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch, 60, was snapped clean shaven and looking at ease at an Irish bar in Puerto del Carmen one year after he was acquitted of murder.

The revered mafia figure, described as a ‘Robin Hood’ figure among communities where he used to operate, has been living between Dublin and Lanzarote since being a free man.

The resort town in the Atlantic Ocean is home to a huge concentration of Irish pubs which ‘the Monk’ has been known to frequent.

He narrowly missed a Kinahan murder squad sent to slay him at a nearby pub on New Year’s Eve in 2015, leaving the establishment moments before they arrived.

It was a move that was controversial in the Irish underworld, which at that point was riven by the Kinahan – Hutch clan war, as ‘the Monk’ was supposedly an untouchable figure who had turned his back on a life of crime.

Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch snapped in an Irish bar with a pint of beer in Lanzarote

Despite this, he was extradited from Spain to Ireland in September 2021 to face trial for the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel in Dublin in 2016.

He remained in custody until his acquittal in April 2023, even after his former associate and co-defendant Jonathan Dowdall testified against him.

Kinahan associate Byrne, 35, was shot six times in the head, face and stomach at a boxing weigh-in.

Although ‘the Monk’ still remains under investigation by Irish authorities for allegedly leading the Hutch organised crime group, he has been free to move around as he pleases – at least from official authorities.

In contrast, his Kinahan enemies have been exiled to Dubai since around 2016, and were placed on an FBI wanted list in April 2022.

Yet a recent investigation has revealed that ring leaders, led by Christy Kinahan, have been able to travel more freely than previously thought.

The Kinahan Sr inadvertently gave himself and his movements away by his insatiable lust for leaving reviews of the hotels and restaurants he stays in.

Under the name ‘Christopher Vincent’ the kingpin has made over 220 reviews around the world.

As well as 131 ratings and 92 reviews, he also gave 144 ‘helpful votes’ on a range of places including shopping malls and outlet stores.

Starting in 2019 – soon after he fled Spain to live in Dubai full time – the majority of his reviews are in the Middle East, Dubai and Turkey, with Hong Kong, South Africa and Zimbabwe thrown in for good measure.


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