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Spain has the most balding or bald men in the world, according to new study

Spain has the most balding or bald men in the world, according to new study

SPAIN has the world’s highest percentage of bald or balding men according to a survey commissioned by a chain of hair transplant clinics.

The study of 43 countries put 44.5% of males in Spain as bald, edging out Italy(44.3%) and France(44.2%).

Next on the list are the United States (42.68%) and Germany (41.51%).


If you want plenty of hair, then you need to be in Indonesia which came bottom with 26.9%, just seeing off Colombia on 27.0%.

Baldness causes are genetic and hormonal, as well as being caused by a diet lacking essential nutrients, thyroid problems, iron deficiency, infections, stress, and anaemia.

The survey shows that baldness varies by country, region, and ethnicity with 24 of the 47 countries with the highest percentage of bald men being in the West.

Research indicates that Caucasian men are more genetically predisposed to experience male pattern hair loss.

Dietary habits also play a crucial role in hair health, as many people in the West eat too much meat and processed foods that lack essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth.

This causes a lack of nutrients such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.

Lifestyle also influences how full a head of hair you might have, with high stress levels, sedentary habits, and limited exposure to sunlight contributing to hair loss.

The fact that Western countries have slightly larger populations on average also helps to increase the number of people with baldness.

In the UK(with a 40% figure), for example, the average age of men is 40, while some Asian countries such as Indonesia and India, where they have lower rates of baldness, have a younger population average.

Hair transplant clinics have opened up at an increasing in recent years, but there are also men who might use baldness to their advantage.

A study from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania has concluded that bald men are more attractive to women, as they give a greater image of masculinity, power, strength and leadership.

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