LONG gone are the days when a gentleman who had lost his hair had to resort to a Bobby Charlton-style comb over to cover his balding pate. One of the most popular options in recent years for men seeking hair transplants is to travel to Turkey. But there are plenty of options on Spanish soil, and that are just as accessible cost-wise. 

Malaga, in fact, is a pioneering city when it comes to hair transplants, and has a series of clinics where the procedure can be carried out for around €3,000.  

A trip to Turkey is no longer essential for those seeking a hair transplant.

These include Clinica Esbeltia, Leticap, which counts on more than 18 years of experience in the sector, Pisano HTC, which is also present in Cordoba and Seville, and the clinic Capilarix

In Marbella, meanwhile, is Insparya, which is well known thanks to its famous owner, Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

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