Sunday, April 5, 2020

Spain’s Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2015 announced!

Specsavers Opticas announces their latest specs bomb

Compulsory siesta introduced in a Valencia town

Tradition is enforced as Ador mayor mandates three hour siesta

Third heat wave this summer hits Spain

Temperatures rise again after a brief weekend off

Spaces left for country yoga retreat near Priego de Cordoba

Cortijo Rural La Presa near Priego de Cordoba provides the perfect backdrop for a weekend of yoga and relaxation

Scabies outbreak threatens mountain goat population in Andalucia

The Junta is taking measures to limit the outbreak and protect other animal species

Heat wave continues across Spain as 29 provinces remain on alert

As the heatwave continues, relief may be on the horizon

Warning: Spanish heat wave set to continue

After more than two weeks, warnings that temperatures are still rising continue to concern the authorities

Jellyfish damaging business on Marbella beaches

Hundreds of stings reported over the weekend

Malaga’s Butterfly Children Charity shop celebrates anniversary with mayor

Other attendees of Thursday’s anniversary party included officials, volunteers and sponsors

Charity creates medical ID bracelets for expats

The organisation creates custom metal discs with emergency medical information

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The moment Stacie Cottle leaves hospital in Spain with newborn baby

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of British mother leaving hospital with baby after three weeks of doctors insisting the newborn was not hers

PICTURED: Stacie Cottle relishing first days back with baby and family in Axarquia village

But she could not find the right sized nappy anywhere

Pharmacy in Sevilla wins right to withhold morning-after pill

Spanish court rules that a fine for not selling the morning-after pill violates pharmacist's ideological rights

21 long days of Spanish summer without her baby

Having spent a number of days with Stacie Cottle and family in a beaurocratic battle to win her baby back from the Spanish authorities, it made me think again about life in Spain

Lionel Messi’s girlfriend rushed to hospital in Argentina

Antonella Roccuzzo has been kept in the hospital overnight

EXCLUSIVE: British mother reunited with baby 21 days after Spanish hospital claimed ‘it wasn’t hers’

Heartbroken Brit finally reunited with baby after doctors insist on a DNA test to prove it is hers

UPDATE: Agonising wait continues for British mother separated from newborn baby

A British mother claiming her newborn girl has been taken from her by a Spanish hospital is still waiting to be reunited with her daughter after two and a half weeks

British mother forcibly separated from baby after Spanish hospital claims it isn’t hers

EXCLUSIVE: British tourist forcibly separated from her baby after giving birth while on holiday in Spain

Ashya King returns home to England at last

Nearly a year after fleeing to Spain, the King's have returned to their Portsmouth home

San Pedro’s Arte Sano festival announces 60s theme for July’s tenth edition

The festival was attended by over 6,000 people last year

Ask the optician – summer eye care

As temperatures rise and everyone hits the beach, we see more and more people coming into the store with sore eyes. Here’s how to protect yours...

Children and the elderly warned of health risks as Spain basks in heatwave

People across the country are being urged to remain indoors

Six-year-old boy dies in Spain’s first diphtheria case since 1987

The boy’s parents’ decision to not vaccinate him has sparked renewed debate

Marbella hospital leads the way with water births

Hospital Ceram is championing an alternative way to give birth in Marbella

My first ever massage

Tom Powell goes on an unusual assignment to discover the delights of a massage - for the very first time