Saturday, July 4, 2020

Spanish woman dies after emergency open-heart surgery in the street

She was in critical condition after being stabbed

First case of sexually transmitted Zika virus in Spain

167 total cases have been confirmed

Spanish women launch campaign to lower ‘tampon tax’

They're threatening to take their business to Canada

First baby with microcephaly born to Zika-infected woman in Spain

This is Spain's first recorded case of a baby born with microcephaly

Irish man dies after taking medicine on holiday in Spain

Holiday makers are cautioned about side effects related to the drug metamizole

Residents fight Junta de Andalucia for new hospital in Estepona

A pressure group - Plataforma Ciudadana Pro Hospital de Estepona - is demanding the Junta completes the hospital

Blah Blah Blah offers kids outdoor summer of their dreams

The camps run for three weeks from July 17 to August 14

Tips for keeping the weight off in summer

We find all kind of obstacles when it comes to keeping in shape

Where you can and cannot drink tap water in Europe revealed

The infographic warns of diarrhoea, Hepatitis A, typhoid and cholera

Study suggests that we become more conservative with age

May help to explain the generational difference of the Brexit vote

Reports by leading health agency leaves questions about health benefits of coffee

Hot coffee at once reduces and increases a drinker’s risk of cancer

Helping Hands continues to provide care after almost 30 years

They opened a training centre in Spain in 2014

Supermarket survey shows Spaniards spurn fruit and vegetables

Very few are eating their five-a-day fruit and veg

Spanish GPs to be lured to NHS to plug recruitment gap

The UK has a below average GP per capita ratio

Library of women’s orgasms launched in a Spanish campaign

Women are being invited to record themselves

Spain’s most obese man undergoes life-changing surgery to try and ditch more than 400lbs

He was given a double-wide bed and had to be moved using a crane

Spectacle wearer of the year 2016 winner announced!

The winner received €500 and free glasses

Popstar Shakira designs bald doll for children with cancer

The superstar is working with the Juegaterapia Foundation

A midday nap could be bad for your health, say researchers

A daily nap could raise blood pressure by up to a fifth

Sunbed reservation app to take the stress out of sunbathing

No more fights over the sunbeds!