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A VALENCIA man literally rose from the dead on Friday as he lay on a coroner’s table just as he was about to become subjected to an autopsy.

A neighbour living on Calle Palau in the city centre called emergency services as he was concerned about the man’s welfare after not seeing him for a number of days.

Fire, police, and ambulance crews went to the man’s home and found him lying with no sign of consciousness.

As is mandatory, they notified the coroner to certify the death and transferred the body to the city’s Institute of Legal Medicine for an autopsy to be performed.

On arrival at the facility and as the coroner was about to begin his examination, the ‘deceased’ started to show signs of life much to the shock of everybody present.

No further details have been released about the modern-day Lazarus and what medical condition he was suffering from and what his current state of health is.

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