Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Revolutionary new watches reveal future of healthcare

The new watches monitor heart rate, exercise, sleep and stress levels

Expat scientist’s book says we should eat more chocolate and drink more coffee to live for longer

A Dutch Doctor living in Marbella has released a book titled 'Living a Century or More'

Spain is top of transplant league

Spain remains number one in the world for organ donations, latest figures show

High protein diets increase risk of kidney disease

Diets like the Dukan diet, popular with celebrities, put people at a much greater risk of kidney stones according to researchers

New York Museum extends work with Autistic children to Spain

The Queens Museum across the pond has set up a support network for parents of children with autism

Drinking in the sun increases risk of skin cancer

Researchers have found that alcohol makes skin more sensitive to UV light and more vulnerable to skin cancer

Swine flu epidemic hits Andalucia

Five have died in one week in Malaga province as Andalucia feels the effects of swine flu

Abortion reforms dubbed ‘a step backwards’ by women’s groups

81% against reforms which will restrict abortion once again

Teens warned to exercise restraint

Too much exercise can be detrimental to teen health

Mental health problems cause ‘shame’ for families

Anti-stigma campaigns should include relatives, says Spanish researcher

San Pedro festival’s healthy outlook

Healthy living, nutrition and spirituality all discussed at weekend event

Cancer Sucks Spain

Cancer support group comes into fruition after starting on Facebook

To play or not to play?

Youngsters shouldn´t be forced to play sport at a young age

Train to music to boost work out times

Listening to music while working out adds an extra 19 minutes to the average session

E-cigs “no safer than the real thing”

Spanish study reveals electronic cigarettes inhibit lung function just as much as regular cigarettes

Offering renewed hope in the fight against cancer

New cancer support organization meets in Carvajal, Fuengirola

Get your SEVEN-a-day

Extra veggies can reduce heart disease risk, study shows

Spanish doctor ordered to pay up for mis-diagnosis of Wolf Man

A Madrid court found the medic guilty of not carrying out essential check-ups

Guernsey turns to Spain to plug healthcare gap

Guernsey looks to Spain to plug health worker shortfall

‘Death test’

Scientists have patented a test that tells you how long you have left to live

Wine drinkers have reason for cheer

Moderate consumption can help prevent depression

Exercise myths

Lisa Marie offers her advice

Insure your health

Linea Directa guarantees patients will require less treatment through its medical treatment service

Skin cancer risk for drivers

Wear sunscreen... even behind the wheel

Summer health kick

Follow these five steps to a healthier lifestyle during the summer months

Kids’ cardiac threat

New Spanish research urges children to exercise in order to prevent heart disease