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A VALENCIA court is investigating the death of a Benidorm man who died after getting ten dental implants at a clinic.

The court is awaiting a final autopsy report on Amadeo Anca, 53, before deciding on whether to proceed with any action.

One issue it is probing is whether the clinic properly informed him about any risks associated with the operation to get the implants.

Amadeo died on May 16 after suffering severe blood loss following the procedure at the unnamed facility in Valencia.

His wife Liliana has denounced those behind her husband’s surgery for reckless homicide and a failure to help after the clinic allegedly took seven hours to call emergency services while he bled in the waiting room.

“No person should go through what my family is going through,” said Liliana.

He subsequently died in Valencia’s La Fe Hospìtal with Liliana’s lawyer, Pilar Milar saying he ‘suffered a hypovolemic shock and five heart attacks’ and that he had no past medical issues.

Liliana said that Amadeo ‘was in pain and a little dizzy’ after the implant procedure and ‘could not stand up much’ as he started ‘bleeding from his mouth and nose’.

She claims the clinic told him that ‘this was normal’ and that he had to ‘wait a few hours’.

Liliana added that he was put on oxygen and staff tried to stabilise him before calling an ambulance after seven hours.

A medical file has been submitted to the Valencia court by La Fe Hospital which according to the El Español portal states that Amadeo suffered a blow to the head.

Lawyer Pilar Milar wants to question the whole medical team at La Fe that attended him, but the hospital is not under formal investigation as the judge waits for all the reports to come in.

The dental clinic issued a statement saying that ‘at all times we have acted with the highest quality standards as we have done over 24 years and in over 25,000 procedures where there has never been an incident’.

Amadeo and Liliana’s seven-year-old daughter travelled with them to Valencia and saw her father in agony.

“She doesn’t want to eat and has a lot of nightmares,” said Liliana.

“Someone has to pay for what happened,” she concluded.


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