ROBOTIC SURGERY equipment is to be installed in five public Valencian Community hospitals at a cost of €13.5 million.

Units will be supplied to the University Clinical Hospital, the Doctor Peset Hospital and the Arnau de Vilanova Hospital- all in Valencia- as well as Elche General Hospital and Alzira’s La Ribera Hospital.

Four hospitals in Alicante, Castellon, and Valencia are already using the robotic gear.

The equipment consists of a surgical console with 3D HD technology for three-dimensional immersive vision, with at least four robotic arms and vision tower.

It means patients can enjoy more minimally invasive surgeries and it has applications across a wide field including urology, paediatric, thoracic, and gynaecological surgeries.

Robotic surgeries also reduce convalescence times for patients with better results and less blood loss leading to shorter hospital stays.

It also helps surgeons since it allows for greater precision and better freedom of movement than in traditional laparoscopic surgery, which makes it easier to perform sutures and to tie them.

This results in a lower conversion rate to open surgery with the robotic technique compared to conventional laparoscopy.

Surgical teams are given full practical and theoretical training in using the equipment to get the best out of it.


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