A TOTAL of 90 people have died of a heat stroke in Malaga province this summer, the worst figures in the last nine years.

While 51 people lost their lives from heat stroke in July, 39 have died of this cause in August, according to Carlos III Health Institute. 

The institution says that this is the highest number of heat stroke deaths since 2015, the year they started registering them. 

The death toll in 2023 is significantly higher than in 2020, the second worst year, when 52 people died of this cause in July and August. 

In Malaga, of the 90 people that passed away, 74 were women and 16 were men. 

Regarding age groups, over 92% of the deceased (83) were over 65 years old, and 46 of them were over 85. However, two victims were under 44 years old. 

One of the reasons for the deadly figures is the extreme heat the region has experienced during the summer months, with a number of heatwaves hitting the province. 

Malaga suffered from the hottest July in the last 81 years, with an average temperature of 29.5 C, according to Spain’s Weather Agency Aemet. 

Regarding Andalucia, the region has registered 609 heat stroke deaths during the months of June, July and August, over 25% more than last year, when 434 victims were recorded in the same period. 

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