FOUR PEOPLE have been arrested in the Gandia area of Valencia province for stealing luxury cars that were specially ordered by overseas clients.

Three vehicles worth €1.1 million have been recovered by the Guardia Civil who prevented the theft of four other high-end cars.

All four men have been imprisoned by a Denia court.

The gang responded to orders to steal cars by make and model with exclusive residential areas targeted.

Once a suitable vehicle was located, the crooks slipped a GPS tracker underneath it to monitor its movements.


Electronic and other devices like frequency inhibitors and systems to render alarm systems inoperative were deployed during thefts when a vehicle was in a quiet area.

The thieves parked up the stolen cars for several days in different locations in a ‘cooling-off’ period to ensure the owner did not have a locator installed.

After that period, the vehicle was stored in a secure garage, and then was prepared to be exported out of Spain.

This included using fake licence plates and documentation, along with specially-programmed keys that had copies on the fob of the car manufacturer’s logo.

The Guardia Civil searched three properties in Bellreguard, Daimus, and Gandia, and removed all the bogus gear, as well SIM cards linked to fake names, cocaine, and €11,000 in cash.

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