Monday, August 10, 2020
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Know your status

Antonio Flores from Lawbird looks at 10 important indicators to consider when paying tax in Spain

Spain’s lawmakers gone crazy

Antonio Flores from Lawbird, reflects on Spain’s new eviction law and a plan to give residency to anyone buying a property over €160,000

Agony Ant – Notes on the Spanish judiciary

Lawbird's Antonio Flores addresses your legal problems

Agony Ant – Following the paper trail

Antonio Flores looks at the various ways secretive property owners attempt to hide their real identity

Agony Ant – Spanish legal problems addressed

Antonio Flores looks at what happens when opposing lawyers know each other outside of the court room and answers readers legal queries

What happens when you follow bad advice?

Antonio Flores looks at what happened to the private investors caught up in the Lehman Brothers collapse and why some were more successful than others in pursuing their claims…

Understand the new health rules

Lawyer Antonio Flores looks at the impact of Spain’s decision to no longer bear the brunt of health tourism and what it means for expats

The banks are to blame

Lawyer Antonio Flores looks at why property buyers are the last in line to get their money back when things go wrong

Agony Ant: Your legal problems addressed

Antonio answers questions about illegal house extensions and closing down limited companies

Justice for superjudge

He might be brave, bright and innovative, but that does not mean Baltasar Garzon is above the law, writes Antonio Flores

Spanish court will not investigate equity release scam

Twenty expats filed claims against Scandinavian banks

Property compulsory purchase orders in Spain

With the news of a new rail line possibly going through Ronda’s celebrated tourist valley, Antonio Flores looks at what happens when a compulsory purchase order – or the ‘Mugabe school’ of land distribution - falls on your home

How to handle Spain’s Hacienda

In a bid to raise much needed funds the Inland Revenue is making new demands on foreign property owners, writes Antonio Flores

Victims of illegal equity release scam in Spain take the banks to court

A group of 25 foreign residents, who could lose their homes, have filed a lawsuit in the High Court in Madrid against the banks for crimes of fraud and false advertising

Expat goes up against Denmark’s biggest bank in a bid to save his Malaga home

Scottish expat takes Danske Bank to court over an equity release scheme that now threatens to leave him penniless