Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Adios black economy

‘Living under the radar’ used to be the way of life in Spain but there’s no going back to black now

Spain’s Podemos to meet with International Monetary Fund chiefs

Podemos are to present their plan to reduce Spain's national debt

Healthcare cuts in Spain three times higher than European average

Cuts of 1.9% annually between 2009 and 2012

Spanish theatre company sell porn instead of tickets in austerity protest

Pornography is taxed at just 4% compared to 21% cultural tax

Lower taxes for all as Spain defies the EU to ease austerity measures

By Imogen Calderwood, Spanish government hopes the tax cuts will jump start the economy

PP and PSOE dominate European elections but anti-austerity parties on the up

Last night's elections saw a stronger than expected performance from smaller parties

Filmmaker slams Spanish government

Director hits out at austerity measures during award acceptance speech
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Spain’s Christmas spending slashed

Total spending per person in Spain is likely to be around €500 this year, €300 less than the average in 2008

Sevilla residents take to the streets to protest against budget cuts

Up to 500 demonstrators shouted slogans, as similar marches took place across the country

Anti-austerity protests set to continue throughout Spain

Last night protestors from Coordinadora 25S and 15M attempted to surround Madrid's parliament buildings

Budget announcement to impose more austerity on Spain

Further spending cuts and tax increases to be unveiled in effort to plug €60 billion hole in economy

Anti-austerity protestors march in Spain

Doctors and teachers among thousands demonstrating against spending cuts and tax rises imposed by the government

Austerity rains on Spain’s parade

The National Day celebrations will be without the traditional tanks and flyover

Tax reform for Spain’s energy sector

Spanish government to raise tax in bid to reduce energy industry's €24 billion tariff deficit

Sales tax to rise as new austerity measures announced

The Prime Minister sets out his austerity plans affecting sales tax, the unemployed and the civil service

We are not Spanish sardines!

School strikes over plans to see class sizes increased to up to 42 pupils

Shocker for Spain

No April Fool as government introduces seven per cent rise in electricity in new austerity budget

Zapatero’s cuts passed in knife-edge vote

Spain's drastic budget cuts get go ahead in the closest of decisions

Zapatero announces deep spending cuts for Spain

Job losses and wage cuts proposed as Spain bids to reduce its debt crisis





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