Podemos' leader Pablo Iglesias
Podemos’ leader Pablo Iglesias

ANTI-austerity party Podemos are to meet with bosses at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) tomorrow.

The IMF chiefs set up the meeting after Podemos’ strong showing in regional and municipal elections across Spain last month.

The meeting has been arranged so Podemos can present their plan to reduce Spain’s national debt if they are successful in November’s general election, according to GlobalCapital.

As requested by the IMF, the secretary general to the Spanish Treasury, Rosa Sanchez will also be in attendance.

Podemos’ senior economic adviser Eduardo Gutierrez said the May elections had ‘sent a clear message’ to the world and international markets are now preparing for a Podemos-lead Spain.


  1. The IMF set up the meeting to put the frighteners on Podemos. How much interest are you getting on your bank deposit accounts – I’ll bet it’s not the 5% that the IMF are charging Greece.

    The last IMF chief was the odious little Strauss-Kahn and the present one, well she walked away from corruption charges – was’nt that a surprise.

    Wherever the IMF gets a foothold you can guarantee that country will be looted and left destitute – check the historical info, tells you all you need to know.

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