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Norwegian Airlines cuts 1,200 jobs and closes bases across Spain

TROUBLED low-cost carrier Norwegian Airlines has announced that it will cut 1,200 jobs across Spain in a European restructuring plan as it battles with...

Air Nostrum based in Spain’s Valencia region asks for government bailout loan

THE Valencian airline Air Nostrum has asked for a €103 million bailout loan from the Spanish government's rescue fund. The company says that it lost...

Spain to pay EU billions back in bailout loans ahead of schedule

The economy ministry has announced that €2.5 billion will be transferred to the European Union

Bankia sells off unsecured loans

Two American firms have purchased millions of euros worth of unsecured loans

Competition hots up to take on €50 million of Spanish ‘bad bank’ property assets

Five companies are still in the running, including Solvia, the real estate platform of Spanish lender Sabadell

Spain gives €70m cash injection to save national science agency from bankruptcy

The new injection of funds follows an emergency funding package of €25m in June

EU rejects ‘Cyprus solution’ in Spain

EU denies that savers could see accounts raided to save the euro

Sevilla residents take to the streets to protest against budget cuts

Up to 500 demonstrators shouted slogans, as similar marches took place across the country

Junta to request €5,000 million bailout this week

Request likely to come Tuesday, as Andalucia hopes for upwards of €3,000 million

Good(ish) news for Spanish banks

Relief as ‘stress tests’ reveal only half its banks need a bailout

Anti-austerity protests set to continue throughout Spain

Last night protestors from Coordinadora 25S and 15M attempted to surround Madrid's parliament buildings

Spain dismisses need for urgent bailout

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tells parliament that rescue fund may not be needed

Spanish PM defiant over bailout conditions

Mariano Rajoy insists Spain will not seek rescue package if EU demands further cuts

Spain faces bailout delay

EU forces Spanish government to wait for €30 billion cash injection
junta de andalucia grinan

Andalucia requests €1 billion bailout

Mounting debts force regional bosses to take begging bowl to Madrid

Government debt ceiling condemns Andalucia to yet more cuts

Schools, hospitals and public servant positions will be the first to go

Spain’s biggest battle since Franco

Analysis by James Bryce

Meltdown in Spain

The economy is on the brink of collapse, threatening to take the euro down with it

Bank ‘bale’ out takes immediate effect

Business as usual at this branch of Barclays in Estepona

Vanishing act

Bartie questions what Greece did with the bailout money

‘Junk’ status as Spain asks for bailout

Ratings agency Moody’s took the action against lenders including Santander

Spain will need bailout of between €51-62 billion, according to official audit

Figures announced just days after world leaders urge Rajoy to seek formal rescue package

Spain’s borrowing costs hit record high

Fears over full blown bailout increase as Moody's slashes the country's credit rating to just above 'junk' status

Spanish bailout no more than a sticking plaster

€100 billion bailout of Spain banks dismissed as a temporary solution

Spanish Prime Minister warns of tough times ahead despite €100 billion bailout

Mariano Rajoy claims negative growth will continue and unemployment will rise further

Spain to request €60 billion bailout on Saturday

Set to become the fourth eurozone country to require financial rescue package



LATEST NEWS FROM THE OLIVE PRESS faces fines of almost half a BILLION euros in Spain – this is why

THE online hotel reservation platform has said that it could be fined a whopping €486 million for anti-competitive practices in Spain. It would be...


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