THE Junta de Andalucia will request a €4,906.8 million bailout from the regional settlement fund (FLA) this week.

The concrete amount was decided at the end of September by treasury advisor Carmen Martinez Aguayo.

Andalucia will join Valencia, Cataluna and Murcia in requesting funding from the €18,000 million fund created by the state.

Meanwhile Cataluna has requested €5,000 million, Valencia €3,000 million, and Murcia €300 million.

Sources in the treasury say Andalucia will likely not receive all they are requesting, but believe the figure could reach up to €3,700 and are staying optimistic.

Although it is not scheduled, the request for bailout could come tomorrow (Tuesday), during a government meeting.

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  1. Poor old Murcia. They done understand do they. You work out what you want, then add a few zeros. As everyone else does it, you’ll get shortchanged if you dont.
    Now Valencia should get Zero. And a bill for all the crap its built lately. The locals, over there, should pay for all that Science City and Arts Arcade or whatever those white elephants are called.

    As Spain WILL be asking for billions (its already in motion) i wonder if anyone here will make public where the money will go?! That really would be fun!

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