Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Vanishing act

Bartie questions what Greece did with the bailout money

Remember eggs?

Bartie wonders what the 'health fascists ' will pick on next

Conflict of interest

Bartie considers the downturn in retail sales

Facing facts

Bartie considers the dangers of eugenics

Monty’s bag

Bartie considers why producers of television programmes treat their viewers like imbeciles

Chilling news!

Bartie wonders why things are cooling down when they should be hotting up...

Gagging for it

Bartie questions what is driving the rush to take out super injunctions

A sure bet?

Bartie laments the plans in place for a huge Costa del Sol gambling strip

After a fashion

Bartie takes a swipe at fashion choice and raises questions over economic migration

Bartie’s back in town

After a two month sojourn in Thailand (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) Lord Bart is back with his usual enlightening musings on modern life


SWAN’S CORNER:- The Pitfalls of Buying Spanish Rustic Property

THERE are many property professionals in Spain that do an excellent job airbrushing the considerable risks associated with buying rustic properties. Clearly,...