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Facing facts

ALARM bells rang when, in a recent edition of the Olive Press, I read about Spanish computer software that can gauge a person’s personality from the structural features of his face.

Evidently, researchers believe that they can anticipate behaviour patterns by measuring the dimensions of the human face.

It wasn’t that long ago that a couple of German chaps, called Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele, were also very interested in determining behavioral traits from physical characteristics.

Back then it was called eugenics, nowadays it is known as the pseudoscience of physiognomy.

What surprises me most in this recent research is that eugenics was generally abandoned by the end of World War II.

The notion of identifying physical traits that would point to racial purity was undermined by the scientific community at large.

Proponents of eugenics argued that its application was to encourage reproduction of certain peoples and traits in the longer term interest of the human race.

By definition this implies that reproduction by those who did not score highly on the eugenic scale was to be discouraged.

I seem to recall that Mr Hitler had some thoughts about how this might be achieved – the appalling term “enforced racial hygiene” comes to mind.

I am quite certain that the Spanish researchers who have developed what they no doubt believe is marvellous software will not be pursuing the racial purity line.

Unfortunately there are those in our midst who might take a different view and who might see the application of computer-generated personality profiles as a way to a better and purer future.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to un-discover what may turn out to be dangerous technology.

Keeping it out of the hands of maniacs is the challenge.

Wendy Williams

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  1. Mengele was obviously an exception to everyone nearly, according to Posner he was ambitious, an idealogue, vain, and seeking recognition. He also developed two painful bone or spine diseases , and one of them produced a putrescent pus that according to my nursing Mother could affect anyone nearby, never mind the patient. Size also was a feature in his behaviour, he was fascinated by giants and dwarves, sent to an early death a group of crowded children if they were less than 5’2″, claimed to be 5’9′ but appeared a little less in pictures. As he aged he was reportedly stooped with the illnesses and had other ailments that might affect ones character. If you google “How tall was Mengele” you will see that he became regarded my many outside the official history as the father of Monarch Programming, a oft missed and secret mind control program similar to MK Ultra.
    And his death was allegedly faked to complete his task…now leapfrogged if you believe what you will find if you google “sneeze” and NSA. I do not know what he thinks of his role, but he seems to have followed the science to something that works, but enslaves those ignorant of it.

  2. The tragedy of the white Aryan extermination campaigns was that only those at the top of the Nazi movement were tried at Nuremburg, these untermenschen never actually murdered a single human being.

    All the actual ‘little people’ who carried out the atrocities received no punishment at all – less than half of 1% of all European Nazis received any punishment at all.

    Let’s not forget that 75% and 85% of the German and Austrian poeple willingly joined their respective Nazi parties. Only the Russians systematicaly executed all those Germans and Austrians who they found had belonged to ‘special units’.

    The Americans let known mass killers walk around freely in the American zone and many were helped to escape via Italy with the help of the rabidly anti-semitic Italian pope.

    At the end of the war in Germany, those officials who were complicit in the mass murder were re-instated by the western allies – all in the name of efficiency and the American paranoia of Russian Communism – as if Russia had ever been an actual communist state.

    The USA and the UK not only turned a blind eye to all the atrocities being carried out in Central and South America for decades but in the case of the Americans actively encouraged the vicious elites of those countries to brutalise their own peoples and encouraged and taught torture methods at the School of American Studies at Fort Bragg, Georgia. Guess the original nationality of the ‘teachers’ at Fort Bragg.

    If all the ‘little’ German/Austrian people who did the killing had been ruthlessly hunted down and preferably killed in the death camps they had built would the Securitate/Stazi/South African police/Peronista killers ever have come into existence?

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