Friday, November 27, 2020
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‘HARD TO LOSE HIM’: Marbella firefighters pay for funeral of paralysed boy with brain cancer who they carried home...

After Benjamin’s diagnosis, he still attended school, and the servicemen were there to take him down at 10am and returned at 2pm to get him back up

Spanish jazz musician plays saxophone during 12-hour brain surgery

With a piece of his skull removed, doctors from Malaga’s Carlos Haya hospital instructed the 27-year-old to play his alto sax as ensured his musical ability was not hampered by the operation

Orange juice could be key to healthy brain

Scientists at the University of Reading, in the UK, found the juice provides important brain-boosting nutrients for elderly people

Too much sleep is a bad thing, new research finds

A new study has found that seven hours a night is ideal for optimal concentration

Booze can cause brain damage, say Spanish researchers

Substance in alcohol destroys part of brain that controls reactions