RIP: Benjamin, seven died, after firefighters carried him up and down stairs each day

FIREFIGHTERS have covered the funeral costs of a young boy with brain cancer after they carried him home every day.

Little Benjamin, seven, died after doctors discovered a brain tumour in October, which paralysed the right side of his body.

His mother was then unable to carry her son up the four flights of stairs to their apartment, where there was no lift access.

This led the firefighters of Marbella to lend a hand, carrying him up and down every day at the flat in Avenida General Lopez Dominguez.

“He captivated us with his smile,” said Jose Perez, one of the local firefighting heroes who helped the little lad.

HEROES: Marbella firefighters raised money to rehouse Benjamin, but will now use it to pay for his funeral

After Benjamin’s diagnosis, he still attended school, and the servicemen were there to take him down at 10am and returned at 2pm to get him back up.

“Once we had to run away because there was a fire, but then we came back so that he would not miss class,” Perez also told Diario Sur.

Members of the Sho-Dan gym, nearby the house, also helped out with some of Benjamin’s care.

It comes after Benjamin’s mum, who also has a 12-year-old daughter, lost her job last year.

The firefighters and others had therefore set up a fund to rehouse the family, but this money will now be used for Benjamin’s burial.

“It has been very hard to lose him,” they added.

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