GREEN LIGHT: The Isdin (left) and Babaria (right) brands were condemned for false labelling, but are now deemed ‘not a risk’

SPAIN has ruled that sun creams labelled as dangerous by a consumer group are ‘not a risk’.

The Ministry of Health responded to the Organization of Consumers and Users’ (OCU) damning assessment of the Isdin and Babaria brands.


Despite being labelled SPF 50+, the children’s creams were found to be just SPF 15 and 30, respectively.

But now, the scientific studies presented by both firms have been deemed valid, as well as those of the OCU.

CHANGES: There are now calls for ‘standardised’ testing to make results clearer for consumers

“A certain variability has been observed in the methodology used among the laboratories,” said a spokesperson from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS).

The OCU and AEMPS have both now called for testing to be ‘standardised’ so discrepancies are less likely to occur.

It comes after the OCU conducted a comparative study of 17 different SPF 50+ children’s sun creams in May.

Isdin and Babaria’s products were the only two to have ‘failed’ the testing.

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