Sax surgeryIT must go down as one of the most bizarre musical performances of all time.

Spanish jazz musician Carlos Aguilera played his saxophone to 16 doctors during a 12-hour operation to remove a tumour from his brain.

With a piece of his skull removed, doctors from Malaga’s Carlos Haya hospital instructed the 27-year-old to play his alto sax to ensure his musical ability was not hampered by the operation.  

It was the first time this kind of operation had taken place in Europe and surgeons say it was a success.


  1. What an amazing story and how intuitive of the surgeons to use their patient to see how well or badly they were doing. However I can’t see him playing for 12 straight hours, even if he was taking amphetamines at the time. Perhaps they asked him to play a tune every hour or so, still an amazing story.

  2. If I was the surgeon and he played jazz at me for 12 minutes I’d stop the operation! And thinking about it the fact he likes jazz so much should have suggested to someone ages ago that something was wrong upstairs :-) Sorry just couldn’t resist!

  3. Get a grip Mr Crawford and lighten up. Just because someone disagrees with you on one matter doesn’t mean you have to troll around picking at everything else that person says. Get a life. To answer the question I like Jazz Funk and the very rare item under the category jazz. The majority makes me think that the “musicians” are all suicidal!

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