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Doctors in Spain perform the world’s first EVER ‘perfect’ reconstruction of the abdominal wall

A TEAM at Barcelona's Sant Pau Hospital has performed the first 'perfect' reconstruction of the abdominal wall, so that it recovers all its functionality. The...

Costa del Sol resident says he was brutally beaten up by Guardia Civil officers

A PERUVIAN expat has called in lawyers over claims he was beaten up by police and left in hospital with a ruptured bladder. In the...

Medical first in Spain, as baby is born to mother who received transplanted uterus

IN A MEDICAL first in Spain, a baby has been born to a woman who received a uterus transplant. The child, Jesus, was delivered...

Ten-year-old boy in Spain ends up in intensive care after hospital gives him ketamine overdose

A 10-YEAR-OLD child ended up in intensive care after a Madrid hospital accidentally administered him a dose of the tranquiliser ketamine that was meant...

British woman who lost all limbs in Spain asked if she would accept male hands as transplant

A British woman awaiting a rare double hand transplant after contracting a horror infection in Spain was asked if she’d accept limbs from a...

EXCLUSIVE: British woman stuck in Spain finally flown home after horror five-storey fall at hotel

A young British woman who fell five floors from a Spanish hotel and spent six weeks in hospital has finally been flown home.  Tionne Cherae...

Valencian ‘star surgeon’ included on Forbes list of 100 best doctors in Spain

THE new edition of the Forbes list of the 100 best doctors in Spain now has a Valencian name on it. Star surgeon Pedro Cavadas...

Man on Spain’s Costa del Sol has penis partially amputated with shoelaces and elastic bands before claiming he is...

The man gave his name as Sergio, then Rafael, then Namoi and then claimed that he was an alien and that his penis did not belong to him

Spain is third European country to carry out baby heart transplant

The Gregorio Maranon Hospital carried out the operation, despite the donor and child having incompatible blood types.

The future is here: Mixed reality headset helps cut surgery times in half in Madrid

Using Microsoft's Hololens surgeons were able to digitally interact with a patient's data, including CT scans, X-rays, and ultrasounds.

Marbella-based surgery addict reveals plans to become fitness model

He posted a picture of his fake six pack onto photo-sharing app Instagram

Spanish jazz musician plays saxophone during 12-hour brain surgery

With a piece of his skull removed, doctors from Malaga’s Carlos Haya hospital instructed the 27-year-old to play his alto sax as ensured his musical ability was not hampered by the operation

Google Glass introduced into Valencia hospitals

Valencian hospitals reintroduce controversial Google Glass in the operating room

Overworked Spanish nurses could lead to more patient deaths

A study of nine European countries revealed Spain had the most overworked nurses, with 12.7 patients each

Andalucian patients wait months for surgery appointments

Hospitals cannot cope with the rising number of patients needing operations

Cocaine hidden in woman’s breast implants

Cocaine discovered in woman's breast implants on her arrival in Spain

Pioneering surgery in Granada helps boy walk again

Surgeons reattached the boy's feet after he lost them in a road accident

British expat forced to wait for hip op in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: British expat Brian Flude waits almost a year for a hip replacement despite Junta decree stating you should not wait more than 180 days

Dodgy hip prosthesis? Raymond Prats offers some advice

Raymond Prats from Simplecare offers advice on what to do if you think a Johnson & Johnson prosthesis was used in your surgery

British pensioner forced to return to UK for knee op

EXCLUSIVE: Ian Dennis has been waiting almost a year for a double knee replacement in Spain

Less waiting around

Healthy news for Spain’s hospitals as waiting lists fall




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