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Chorizo ban at Spain’s biggest car manufacturer SEAT cuts cardiovascular health risks for 600 staff

Each participant was also given five litres of virgin olive oil a month and 30 grams of nuts a day, in a bid to follow the Mediterranean diet

Eating ultra-processed Spanish chorizo, cereals and pastries increases depression risk by 33%, study warns

Those who consumed ultra-processed foods were a third more likely to suffer depression

Spain-China ‘silk train’ to export food

The ‘silk train’ currently transports electronic and retail goods between the two countries

New website ‘WikiPaella’ to police Spain’s favourite rice dish

The site will offer an encyclopedia of traditional ingredients, recipe sharing, and restaurant certification

Feeling hungry?

Spanish flag, made from traditional delicacies of chorizo and rice

Spanish food shows they’re pasta it!

Chorizo beating Italian ham by five times as Spanish tapas becomes fastest growing cuisine in UK supermarkets