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Find out which regions in Spain experienced the highest decrease in commuting to work, going to the shops, to...

THE region of Valencia and the Canary Islands have the highest decrease of people commuting to work in Spain since the state of emergency.

The jobbing jetset: Live in Spain, work in the UK

Live in Spain, work in London ... it’s cheaper, quipped British MP Tessa Jowell, last month. But guess what – some career high flyers do exactly that! Reporters Nina Chausow and Joe Duggan track down the new jetset commuters

Live in Spain, work in London, says UK MP

Londoners could save a fortune if they commuted to work from Spain


HOSPITAL CASES involving COVID-19 fall below 1,000 for first time in 2021 in Spain’s Valencian Community

HOSPITALISATIONS caused by COVID-19 have dropped into three figures for the first time this year according to Valencian health ministry figures released...