THE region of Valencia and the Canary Islands have the highest decrease of people commuting to work in Spain since the state of emergency.

On average in Spain, commuting to work has dropped by 64%.

Topping the list are both Valencia and the Canary Islands with 66%.

They’re followed by Andalucia with 65%.

At the bottom of the list is Galicia, where commuting to work decreased by 59%, 5% lower than the average.

On average, nationwide going to the shops and entertainment venues has decreased by 94%, with Valencia once again leading the way with a 95% drop.

Going to supermarkets and pharmacies have also experienced quite a sharp drop, rather surprisingly considering people were panic buying.

Nationwide trips to supermarkets and pharmacies dropped by 76%, with Murcia being the region with the highest reduction this time, with 85%.

Going to parks has dropped by 89% throughout the whole country, with the Basques being the best at this with a 93% drop.

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