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Spain’s National Police and Colombian authorities deal major blow to Mexican Zetas drug gang

THE BOSS in Europe of the notorious Zetas Mexican drug gang has been arrested in Madrid, in an operation that netted the authorities 400...

In joint operation between Spain and UK, authorities bust cocaine smugglers using recreational boats

SPAIN’S Civil Guard has carried out a joint operation with UK authorities to bust a drug-trafficking gang that was using recreational boats to smuggle...

Cocaine cowboys: Three day search of animal cargo ship fails to find drugs

A THREE-DAY search by the Spanish authorities of a ship carrying 16,000 cows was called off after officers failed to find the five tonnes...

Wanted by Spain’s Interior Ministry: Companies to help incinerate the police’s record drug hauls

SPAIN is one of the main hubs in Europe for the import of cocaine and hashish, meaning that the country’s authorities are constantly making...

WATCH: Police smash huge smuggling ring that sent weed to Germany on trucks and camper vans

EUROPOL agents have arrested 44 and seized over €4 million in cash after the stakeout of a powerful weed and hash Costa del Sol...

Six TONNES of hash seized and 40 people arrested with help of 300 officers in Costa del Sol drug...

MORE than six tonnes of hashish have been seized by the Guardia Civil in a huge Costa del Sol drug bust.  Operation Gunpowder saw 40...

Crack down: 450kg of cocaine intercepted in Spain en route from Canaries to Valencia

THREE people have been arrested for attempting to smuggle 450kg of cocaine into Spain from Brazil. A container, which is believed to have been en...

Five Gibraltarians are among 71 arrested in largest ever La Linea drug raids

ONGOING raids against hashish smugglers at the 'Narcoville' in La Linea have seen 63 arrests so far, with 43 more under investigation as elite units swoop.

In HUGE drug bust, 700kg of cocaine seized by authorities on Spain’s Costa del Sol

As well as the alleged crooks being obtained, police have impounded four vehicles, and around €40,000 in cash.

One of the biggest dark web drug dealers arrested in Costa del Sol’s Mijas

When the individual was arrested, the police found two kilograms of hashish, two laptops, and a phone.

Drug driving key issue for Spanish police

500 people have been killed this year in drug driving incidents




Tensions run high in Spain’s North African city of Melilla, after calls circulate for boycott of Jewish businesses

TENSIONS are reportedly running high in one of Spain’s North African exclave cities, Melilla, after calls for a boycott of Jewish businesses there began...


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