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Pedro Sanchez announces electricity bill tax cuts will be extended in Spain

TAX cuts on electricity bills and a windfall tax on power companies will stay in place until the end of June. IVA on bills were...

Energy costs soar in Spain for the sixth day in a row amid warning to expect leap of €475...

ENERGY costs in Spain will increase by €475 this year, due to the high cost of natural gas and an increase of CO2 emission charges in Europe, warned the Bank of America.

Tax cuts on electricity bills in Spain extended until April 2022 as wholesale prices reach new record high

TAXES on electricity bills in Spain will continue at lower rates until at least April 2022. The announcement was made in Congress this Wednesday by...

Major power company in Spain offers to help industrial customers if government scraps windfall tax plans

LEADING Spanish energy provider Iberdrola says it will help industrial customers if the government scraps plans for a windfall tax. Domestic electricity bills have been...

Spain makes fresh plea for EU to do more to fight rising energy prices

SPAIN has repeated its call for the European Union to do more to combat rising energy prices. EU leaders meet at a summit in Brussels...

Spain to cap electricity prices in bid to bring down soaring bills

SPAIN has unveiled a package to bring down soaring electricity bills that include capping gas prices, cutting taxes to the consumer and redirecting energy...

Pedro Sanchez promises ‘immediate’ minimum wage rise for workers in Spain

SPAIN'S government is looking for an 'immediate' increase in the minimum wage to protect workers from rises in inflation. Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, made the...

Electricity office windows smashed by man protesting against high prices in Galicia region of Spain

A man attacked an electricity office in the Galicia area of northern Spain after receiving a high bill. Wholesale electricity prices have reached record levels...

Electricity wholesale prices to reach another new record high in Spain

WHOLESALE electricity prices in Spain will hit a new record figure tomorrow(August 26). The news comes as three small political parties in Congress- Mas Pais,...





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