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Spain among top 5 EU countries for recycling clothes

SPAIN is in the top five of EU countries for most Google searches regarding recycling clothes, it has been announced.

Spain and Europe’s COVID-19 response hampered by insufficient testing and lack of PPE, reveal minutes of EU coronavirus meetings

INSUFFICIENT testing hampered Spain and the EU’s COVID-19 response, newly-released documents have revealed. Minutes from the meetings of the European Centre for Disease Control and...

EU funding and Spanish teamwork ensures 700 tonnes of healthy food gets to vulnerable groups in region

MORE THAN 700 tonnes of fruit and vegetables has been distributed to vulnerable groups in the region, thanks to the EU and Spain’s Agriculture...

COVID-19: Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, 69, tests positive for coronavirus as EU-UK negotiations delayed and London ‘facing lockdown’

MICHEL Barnier has tested positive for COVID-19. The EU's top Brexit negotiator revealed his diagnosis on social media, adding that he was confident in his...

BREAKING: EU set to BAN all ‘non-essential’ travel for 30 days after becoming epicentre of coronavirus pandemic

THE EU is set to ban non-essential travel to the bloc for 30 days in a bid to reduce coronavirus contagion.  The measure has been...

COVID-19: RECESSION warnings for Europe as more than 120 infected in Spain and EU declares region as ‘high risk’...

ECONOMISTS have warned that the ongoing coronavirus outbreak could lead Europe into a recession and cut global economic growth in half in 2020.  According to...

Spain receives the most asylum claims in the EU

SPAIN has the most asylum claims out of all EU states.

EU widens investigation into Ryanair for potential ‘unfair advantage’ in Spain marketing deals

RYANAIR has seen the probe into whether it received an unfair advantage from the Spanish government widened.  EU competition regulators first launched an investigation in...

IN PICS: As Brexit day hits Spain, the Olive Press remains firmly European

Once the clock strikes 12 tonight, we will not stop fighting for the rights of expats and Spaniards alike

Brexit is a ‘golden opportunity’ for Spain to take back sovereignty of Gibraltar, says Spanish MEP

SPANISH MEP Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo has demanded Spain take the 'golden opportunity' of Brexit to renegotiate the status of Gibraltar.  Speaking to media in Aragon,...

British Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott issues Brexit warning to expats as UK prepares to leave EU in just...

“You have time and there are plenty of appointments in most provinces, but do make it a New Year's Resolution to get it done as soon as you can!”

Spain almost entirely eliminates burning of coal for electricity some 10 YEARS ahead of schedule thanks to EU regulations

SPAIN has all but eliminated the burning of coal for electricity after turning its back on the fossil fuel at a record rate last...

SPEXIT: Twitter users urge far-right Vox to call for Spain style Brexit – but how popular is the idea?

SPEXIT has been trending on Twitter after the European Court of Justice ruled a jailed Catalan separatist leader should have parliamentary immunity. Far-right supporters are...

MPs back Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal for UK to leave EU in January, prompting fear for British expats in...

It comes after the Conservative leader lead the Tories to their biggest general election win since Margaret Thatcher

Leading MEP supports EU citizenship for British expats in Spain as Brexit date looms

AN MEP has come out in strong defence of British expats in Europe ahead of Britain's planned departure from the bloc next month. Guy Verhofstadt,...

EU warns Spain for NOT acting on ‘radiation directive’, meaning increased lung cancer risks for thousands

EU rules stipulate that member states must have a national plan for the harmful effects of the invisible and odourless radon

Spain’s biggest bank, Santander sees profits plunge a record 35% amid Brexit uncertainty

The bank has added six million customers in the last twelve months and already serves 144 million people worldwide

Britain’s new ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott talks cricket, Brexit and his Costa del Sol holidays in an exclusive...

As well as dispelling Brexit fears around tourism, Elliott also revealed his own Spanish holiday habits, in a wide-ranging conversation

Spain’s 30 million caged egg-laying hens mean it is worst in EU for animal welfare

The EU average stands at just 52%, while other countries in the 28-member bloc, like Germany and the Netherlands have just 10% of their total eggs coming from furnished cages

Brexit stalled again as EU approves extension until January 2020

The extension means the UK will no longer leave on Boris Johnson's 'do or die' Brexit deadline of October 31.

NEVER GONNA GIVE EU UP: Spain political group ‘wants UK back in EU’ even if Brexit happens on October...

“We think Boris Johnson’s deal is a terrible deal and hope for a second referendum"

Thousands of British expats and Spaniards join forces for anti-Brexit protest on Spain-Gibraltar border

“Brexit, it affects Spanish people as much as British people, I just think it's really sad”

With 16 days until Brexit these are the events Brits on Spain’s Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and in...

AS the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tries to drum up support for his Brexit deal this week, organisations in Spain have prepared a...

Driving, residency, passports… everything British expats in Spain need to know to prepare for Brexit

“Most important for Brits living in Spain are the standard things like getting the residencia and driving license.”

‘Tourism decline, six-hour border queues and ambulances stuck in traffic’ – the predictions in Gibraltar Government’s Brexit guide OUT...

he daily movement of people and goods across the Frontier would be ‘abnormally disruptive’





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