FARMERS have blocked off a major road in Malaga province this morning as their anti-EU protest enters a second week.

Tractors cut off traffic on the A-374 motorway near Ronda at around 7.30am on Monday, causing an ever-growing traffic jam in the direction of the historic city.

Protesters have also began action today in other parts of the country, including in Madrid and San Sebastian.

It comes after the fed-up growers staged similar action in Sevilla, blocking off roads in cities like Carmona.

The farmers are demanding fair competition when it comes to agriculture and livestock.

The tractors caused chaos on roads across Spain last week (CREDIT: DGT)

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Specifically, they are miffed that they must follow strict EU regulations, while their rivals in the likes of Morocco do not.

It often means their competitors in non-EU countries can make more product – more cheaply – and flood the market in Spain, often with lower prices.

Farmers across the EU have been going on strike over the issue, including in France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Poland.

They want conditions for the importing of food from non-EU countries to be tightened. They also want growers from outside the union to have to comply with EU rules if they want to sell there.

There is no set end date to the action in Spain, but a calendar detailing the protests organised by trade unions runs until at least February 23.

It does not include the dozens of separate protests organised by disgruntled farmers themselves via social media.

Below are they key dates of known planned protests this week:

Monday, February 12: There will be no action over the weekend but on Monday next week, the second week of protests will begin in Alicante.

Tuesday, February 13: Farmers in La Rioja and Zaragoza will take to the roads and there will be protests in the ports of Tarragona and Santander.

Wednesday, February 14: Protests will hit Toledo, Guadalajara, Jaen, Sevilla, Palencia, Soria and Santa Maria La Real de Nieva (Segovia).

Thursday, February 15: Protests will reach Castellon and Boceguillas (Segovia).

Friday, February 16: Union de Uniones trade union has called for protests in Segovia.

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