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House sales in Spain plunged by 23% year-on-year in September: These are the most affected regions

PROPERTY SALES in Spain fell for the eighth consecutive month in September with a 23.7% drop compared to a year earlier. It's the biggest reduction...

Inflation in Spain falls below 2% for first time since March 2021

INFLATION in Spain has dipped to below 2% for the first time since March 2021 according to provisional June figures released on Thursday by...

Rising interest rates cause big fall in new mortgages for house buyers in Spain

NEW HOME mortgages granted in April fell by 18.3% compared to a year earlier according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics published...

ECB boss brings little cheer for people in Spain on variable-rate mortgages

THE president of the European Central Bank(ECB) has offered little respite for over four-million households in Spain that are struggling to pay their variable-rate...

Interest rates are rising in Spain and Europe but, despite inflation, Euribor remains below 1%

THE Bank of Spain has confirmed that the 12-month Euribor closed July at a monthly average of 0.992%, compared to 0.852% in June. This continues...

Food price rises take Spain’s inflation rate to levels not seen since 1992

RISING food and fuel prices have rocketed Spain's inflation rate to its highest figure an almost three decades. Inflation stands at 5.6% up by 0.2%...

WATCH: New €100 and €200 notes legal in Spain from today are vegan friendly, shorter and more secure THE new €100 and €200 notes have landed in Spain and the 19 other countries which have adopted the currency. This freshly minted legal tender...

Spain’s finance minister fails to impress MEPs for European Central Bank role

The candidates were grilled on their approaches to monetary policy, with some MEPs expressing 'reservations for minister De Guindos's appointment', said Roberto Gualtieri, the committee’s chairman. 

Brexit, house prices and reasons not to worry

Brits will always want a place in the sun but keep an eye on exchange rates, writes Smart Currency Exchange expert Mark Rickard

European Central Bank to buy 10% of Spain’s public debt

The ECB will purchase around €100 billion of Spain's one trillion public debt

Big thumbs up from Germany

By columnist Mark Rickard

ECB cuts rates causing euro to weaken dramatically

The changes are aimed at forcing banks to lend
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Brits should shop in Spain

Sterling is bouncing back meaning serious savings for British shoppers in Spain

‘Sell in May and go away’

Columnist Richard Alexander asks if we're looking for a dip in the economy come the summer, and if so where you should put your money

Spain’s inflation rate dips into negative for February

The drop is likely to put pressure on the European Central Bank this month

Cash boost for Spanish road upgrades

European funding will help boost infrastructure construction

Eurozone leaders seek clarification from Spain over bailout

Finance ministers demand to know whether Madrid will request financial support amid growing concerns over slow recovery

Spanish public debt hits record high

The figures paint a bleak picture as Spain ponders over whether to request European bailout

Spain dismisses need for urgent bailout

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tells parliament that rescue fund may not be needed

Spanish Prime Minister issues warning over borrowing costs

Mariano Rajoy urges European Central Bank to resume emergency measures to help weaker countries

Maximilian Bartie

Our resident columnist, formerly of Royal Tunbridge Wells, puts the world to rights




Hilton to open new airport hotel on Spain’s Costa Blanca: Accommodation will be the closest available to Alicante-Elche

THE FIRST stone has been laid for the construction of the closest hotel to Alicante-Elche airport with a January 2025 opening date pencilled in. The...


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