FRESH: The new €100 and €200 notes are now harder to forge

THE new €100 and €200 notes have landed in Spain and the 19 other countries which have adopted the currency.

This freshly minted legal tender is the latest in the ‘Europa’ series after the 5, 10, 20 and 50 notes.

Issued by the European Central Bank (ECB) the updated currency is vegan friendly, reduced in height to better fit wallets, and is harder to forge.

The €200 is now the largest denomination, after the ECB decided to stop printing €500 notes.

LARGEST: The €200 is now the largest denomination after the European Central Bank decided to stop printing €500 notes

Security is at the forefront of the new notes, by German designer Reinhold Gerstetter.

A so-called ‘satellite’ hologram with a silver band running through it, and a watermark of the goddess Europa both feature on the new notes.

When turning the item in light, the hologram displays an oscillating euro symbol for extra security.

A special print within the main illustration, and a small emerald insignia that shines when hit by light complete the new security measures.

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