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All change? European Commission comes ever closer to scrapping one- and two-euro-cent coins

THE DAYS OF sorting through near-useless one- and two-euro-cent coins among your change could soon be over in Spain and the rest of the...

GBP/EUR exchange rate slumps as BoE forecasts a two-year UK recession

The pound euro (GBP/EUR) exchange rate fell sharply through the first two weeks of November as it became increasingly apparent that the UK economy...

STILL VOLATILE: GBP/EUR exchange rates fluctuates on recession fears, ECB rate hike bets

THE Pound Euro (GBP/EUR) exchange rate continued to trade in a wide range through the second half of May as fears of a UK...

Spaniards hoard €1.6billion of now worthless pesetas after missing deadline to exchange

THE Bank of Spain has revealed that the nation has lost a whopping €1.6billion in hoarded pesetas that were not exchanged before the final...

The Pound may be low under Johnson, but for British property owners in Spain, it’s a great time to...

One thing for sure is that travel for the Brits holidaying abroad is going to be quite a shock, with the pound decreasing below the Euro with today’s airport exchange companies!

WATCH: New €100 and €200 notes legal in Spain from today are vegan friendly, shorter and more secure THE new €100 and €200 notes have landed in Spain and the 19 other countries which have adopted the currency. This freshly minted legal tender...

How an FX trader can solve your Brexit currency exchange woes in Spain

FX trader Mark Rickard looks at the ways to avoid Theresa May 'messing up' your Christmas - and not missing crucial stage payments

Dubai and Florida up to 60% CHEAPER than Spain hotspots for early summer holidays including Costa del Sol and...

IT is up to 59% cheaper for British families to have a holiday in Orlando, Abu Dhabi or Dubai than in Spain favourites like...

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?: British pound falls to EIGHT-YEAR low against Euro with some holidaymakers getting 87 cents...

THE pound Sterling fell to a fresh eight-year low against the Euro yesterday with an official rate of just over €1.08. For some British holidaymakers...

POUND PLUMMET: Euro to be worth more than British Sterling within MONTHS, warns leading bank

THE euro will be worth more than the British pound by the end of the first quarter of 2018, analysts from Morgan Stanley has...

The Impact of Brexit On the Euro

In Europe, the issue of Brexit has been a source of drama and uncertainty for almost a year now

Economic recovery in Spain failing to reach wage earners as poverty increases

Poverty has increased in the country despite its solid performance

Strong 2016 growth brings Spain’s economy close to pre-crisis levels

It comes after Mariano Rajoy put the economy and job creation at the heart of his policies

Charge for British to enter Spain in new EU plan

Interior ministers of the EU will meet tomorrow to discuss the bureacratic plan to make non EU-residents pay the current rate of £4.30 and give their details online before entering any of the 26 Schengen states.

The only certainty after Brexit… is uncertainty

It may only be three months since the UK voted for Brexit, but it is now time to focus on the future, writes Smart Currency Exchange Business Development Manager Mark Rickard

Spain football manager Vicente del Bosque announces retirement

Speculation flies concerning del Bosque's replacement

Strength of British pound surges following new Brexit poll

The Remain campaign now leads by 13 points

The Lowdown: How will Brexit affect Sterling

Political uncertainty is never good for a currency, and we have seen Sterling suffer tremendously over the last few months

Greece is the word

As predicted five years ago, Greece is still a country to watch when it comes to the euro’s future, writes Ian Le Breton, Managing Director of Sovereign Trust

Adios black economy

‘Living under the radar’ used to be the way of life in Spain but there’s no going back to black now

CONVERSION RATE UPDATE: GBP/EUR rate advances to 1.44

Sterling continues to go from strength to strength


The Sterling to Euro conversion rate has today exceeding the recent seven-year high

Spanish cities among cheapest for expat living in Europe

Spanish cities are ranked among the cheapest in Europe for expat living

How does TransferWise work?

TransferWise is an online money transfer service, which allows you to transfer money up to 89 per cent cheaper than with the bank

Major British businesses lobbying for the UK to remain in the EU

Chief executives of BT, WPP, Goldman Sachs International are among the companies warning of a 'Brexit'

Spain’s yacht charter market is out of the recession

Visitors from abroad are grabbing great deals in Spain




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