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Charge for British to enter Spain in new EU plan

travel money
Sir Julian King, EU Security Commissioner
Sir Julian King, EU Security Commissioner

BRITISH people could be forced to pay €5 to enter EU countries under new EU proposals.

EU Commission and Schengen Area Interior Ministers reacted positively to the measure to make non-EU residents pay to enter EU countries at a Brussels meeting on Friday.

The commission hopes to bring the EU Travel Information and Authorization System (Etias) into force by 2020 but it could be earlier in some countries.

It would force non EU-residents over 18, including British people, to pay the current rate of £4.30 before entering Spain or any of the other 25 Schengen states-those which have abolished formal passport controls at their mutual borders.

In the plan, travellers’ details would be placed onto a register which would record their names,  type of travel document, biometrics and the date and place of entry and exit. It will also record refusals of entry to the Schengen Area.

Once they have signed up, they will be able to make multiple trips over a five year period.

British EU diplomat Sir Julian King has defended the move, which he believes will strengthen security measures against terrorism following the attacks in Belgium and France.

EU Security Commissioner Sir King, talking to the Press Association, said: “We think this is going to be a valuable additional piece of the jigsaw.gibraltar-la-linea

“It will allow us to know more about the people who are planning to come to the EU in advance so that if necessary they raise questions about either security or in some cases migration.

“We’ll be able to intervene even before they arrive in some cases.”

At Friday’s meeting, both the Austrian and Slovakian interior ministers said the proposal should be brought into force earlier.

Chloe Glover (Reporter)

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  1. Fine, same goes for all EU citizens, we can then do our own security checks. We can also test all the veg and fruit from Spain’s plasticland to see just what chemicals this produce is laden with. Of course by the time the checks have been completed it will all be rotten.

    We can do the same with wine from France,Spain, Portugal and Italy. We can also check the olive oil from Italy that is adulterated with all kinds of crap.

    Play that game, corrupt, arrogant Brussels and see what happens to your export markets. This is poker, plain and simple – put up or shut up – bring it on.

    • I think the EU train will have crashed by then, the faster we get off it the better. The house of cards will not stay up forever and personally I think in the end there will have to be either a new type of EU or non at all.

  2. BRITISH people will be forced to pay €5 to enter Spain under new EU proposals. Wonder why Spain was only mentioned. Headlines again. I suppose Britain may retaliate by saying European people will be forced to pay £4.30 to enter the UK if those proposals are ratified. I can see a tit for tat about to happen.

    Waiting to see further stupid suggestions such as how will this effect existing expat residents, future retirees, etc etc. More paperwork to bog down the over-bogged the Spanish system.

  3. P.S Added thought. How will it affect the millions of refugees and illegal immigrates already in the EU, that’s if they can find them. It would appear the lucky expat residents maybe spared depending on what they may need to produce. House/flat contracts, telephone, water, electric, council rates could go on an on.

  4. To enter Spain???
    The charge is to enter the EU.
    And that is what the British people wants.
    didnt they vote for Brexit?
    Well, read the plataforma electoral before voting.

    • Pablo, I think you will find visa fees are paid in most countries outside the EU and being as the UK is ditching the EU one would accept’s that a fee would be acceptable. Besides I would be quite content in helping the Spanish economy with a few Euros as one would normally leave that amount as tip in a restaurant and as your mate Junker would say…”Phea”. Besides, had you considered that the UK will also be saving £350 million a WEEK.

      • Carlo, the £350m a week saving was discredited many, many months ago. Also, the money is not “sent” to Brussels. See “https://www.theguardian.com/politics/reality-check/2016/may/23/does-the-eu-really-cost-the-uk-350m-a-week”

        • Fred, do you think certain politician knew more than others. it had been discovered and penciled in on the amount of money the UK would be saving when they leave the EU and possible the £350k per week was just a tip of the icing cake.

      • Saving £350 million a week.

        Do you really still believe that.

        And wven if it were true it is less than 80 pence per day per person, not even a decent tip is it.

        • Fred, perhaps this helps.

          Regardless the UK is still the second highest contributor to the EU budget even after the rebates.
          I would also imagine that if the €5 visa fee was established it would also go into the EU budget account. if not where would it go, a share out between 27 other states, can’t see that, as lesser members not attracting tourism would kick up a stink. Therefore visa’s would come under the EU.

          • Thanks for the link, but this false statement was proven factually wrong back as early as June. Britain is still a large contributor, but imagine what Brexit will be end up costing the UK in lawyers and consultant fees. That’s not including any final pay-off to the EU. Also add on the cost of pay-offs to companies like Nissan (and others) for tarrif compensation, to stop them moving away from the UK. Billions is what it will end up costing.

        • So that’s how you work your tips out Baromi, daily. Bet the restaurants just love people like you. Lets see, the €5 euros mentioned is based over a five year period, i’ll let you work that out. Not tried, but I don’t think even a calculator would show a credit.

        • BTW Pablo and Baromi, How much does Spain contribute towards the EU budget or should I have asked how much do they receive, in-fact they are one of the main recipients. Whereas Britain’s contributions (second largest) receives a small amount back compared to its large contribution. Naturally this will cease once the UK leaves the EU so what do you think will happen to the Spanish economy and it’s people while the EU suffers a slow lingering death. I’ll tell you what will happen, further mass unemployment, higher taxes, people maybe allowed to withdraw €20 a day to buy some bread and a possible raid on peoples accounts. The people will suffer further but not the rich who pocketed vast sums contributed to Spain. So don’t knock whatever amount the UK receives as currently their contributions are helping to keep Spain afloat.

  5. Brexit is going to be bad for Britain and for Europe, probably the whole world.

    We need to stop this madness; never have the turkeys voted so proudly and ignorantly for Christmas…

    • It seems a plague of ignorance and hatred has infected the whole Western World Christopher. When the criminal Putin applauds Brexit and Dump, that is a pretty good clue as to where we have gone wrong.

  6. Are you capable in moderating and conducting a “democratically free speech news outlet”, or are you subjected to being controlled by certain people on this forum that replies don’t adhere to their way of thinking. I have also noted various other peoples names not appearing, have they also been blocked for this reason.
    Just curious really as I appear to be blocked and would appreciate the reason why, and it needs to be a very good reason “why” as I have lists on most my a replies regarding abusive comments made towards my replies and yet the abusers continue to use this forum in which case it should have been the reverse or at least their comments blocked or instructed to moderated their replies. Please note. I have had to use various alias to make comments on this forum, like others, but no moderation was required against my comments, but a complete block. Do you honestly believe that’s democratically correct.

    • Stop moaning Mystery Poster. We ALL get moderated or completely censored at one time or another. The trick is to look inside yourself and see where you have gone wrong. There’s some pretty strong slagging off that gets through, but you just have to press on. It’s the switching and attempts to hide your I.D. that isn’t acceptable. You also need to try and stick to the subject at hand and not ramble all over the place. It’s BORING.
      Free advice to caccia/the nose/linda/carlos and half a dozen others who are all the same. Try again but stick to the point.

  7. As usual the Remoaners never offer up facts to back up their stupid and abusive opinions – because they don’t have any – Aunt Sally has a friend, how nice for him.

  8. Fred, I quite understand the financial cost that may occur to the UK in the short term bit what is he cost in remaining. What would you suggest, we remain under the condition imposed by that upstart Junker and his cronies. There is hardly much difference between him and a dictator and one can see how he over-shod’s the wishes of other countries voting system and objections and has always had a grudge against Britain. The remainders are always on about the leavers having no plan, but they have, they wish to have their own democracy, own laws, controls of their boarders and a vote on a possible new government every five years. This is against the EU principles. Everything must be controlled by the EU state, no different to a directorial state. Now they wish to introduce their own army, for what, against who, Russia and possibly China, forget it, Russia alone could that wipe out Europe within 24 hours regardless of what army they may posses, so basically it’s to control their own peoples. Stop marches, stop protests, stop any uprising of disgruntled people. We have NATO to protect the 28 NATO members yet only five countries of the 28 meet their obligation in contributing towards NATO, Germany with all it’s wealth is one of the worst offenders with that great country named Luxembourg paying less than 1% and Trump was correct in saying NATO or America will only protect those that are fully paid members. Britain fought and lost countless lives over Europe and only recently paid of the financially debt after all those past years, and yet due to Britain wishing to control it’s own boarders have received such hostility yet all over Europe countries are now controlling their boarders with fences, walls, or whatever, yet When Trump mentioned about building a “wall”, which he will do and Mexico will pay financially, people couldn’t understand, even Mexico. Mexico will not be paying for the wall the Mexican president stated, trump just smiled standing next to him. “Trump will just stop giving $millions of legal aid that goes to Mexico. That is what will be paying for the wall) As for remaining in the EU Cameron tried hence a waste of time and the vote was out. How the F**K Heath and Brown got away with it should be more in the minds of the remainders who wish to remain under the control of a future Federal state named the EU.

    Fred, check out. “http://money.cnn.com/2016/07/08/news/nato-summit-spending-countries/”

    • The cost of the exit process may not be that short-term Carlos, it has been mentioned that payments could last until 2030. I also see that Teresa May today talks about a “transitional Brexit”, so leaving the EU could take longer. Juncker’s time is nearly up of course; he has become unpopular, and rightfully so. As I’ve said before I would like to see a drastically reformed EU with a different voting system for the administration and leader. As for the EU being a dictatorship (is that what you meant?) I would not agree. First of all, in a dictatorship the people don’t usually get to vote, at all, on anything, and most negotiations are done with firearms. Also, civil liberties and workers rights figure very low on the list of priorities (these are all at odds with what the EU has done). The UK referendum itself perfectly demonstrates that the EU is not a dictatorship otherwise it would not be able to have a mechanism to leave. Please read this article very carefully Carlos: “https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/13/is-the-eu-undemocratic-referendum-reality-check”

      Finally, as we’ve seen already, Trump does a lot of u-turns, even before he’s President lol, so best wait until he becomes President first. Also best to get back on topic Carlos.

      • Actually Fred, you haven’t answered the main questions, you have only answered what you hope will happen and turned a blind eye on the proposals put forward by the cronies. For a start, a dictatorship already exists on members states as we have seen, the junker cronies overriding the wishes of certain countries coupled with threats and as you rightly state when a country leaves, the dictatorship on that country diminishes, that’s why we have a Brexit. The topic was visa’s which is all part of a European discussion and If it means a visa is required so be it, can’t see a problem, in-fact some countries require a yearly visa. But lets face it, millions of people don’t require a visa.

        • Fred, meant to add that Germany being part of the “Dictatorship” more or less controls Europe without firing one shot and is also keen of having a European Army again without a shot being fired. It’s called behind closed doors diplomacy.
          BTW, what do you class as a short term in a nation, and did Great Britain develop over a short term.
          As the old saying goes, “Is a glass half empty or half full “

          • The EU is far from perfect, agreed, but then again what is perfect? Btw you don’t have a Brexit yet. You have a non-legally binding referendum result that may have to go before parliament (and indeed other parliaments, unions, and others, as a Supreme court judge has just ruled). In the UK, the whips will control the outcome unless it is a free vote – great democracy that is. Germany is a democracy too, so the people can vote in a leader to leave the EU, can they not?

            Btw I think your habit of going off topic is back. There are many other threads for Brexit discussion in which many of your questions are already answered.

  9. Fred,
    we will not be paying for 30 years, that is the bluster of fraudsters like Junker. I want the Nasty party to keep on pushing the British working class noses into the crap, the harder they do the greater the re-action will be.

    You obviously want the status quo – I don’t for a moment wonder why.

    stefanjo – still no rational argument to put before us – like I said you have none or we would be able to comment.

    • Stuart, I don’t want the status quo, I wanted a much reformed EU, or perhaps a per-citizen membership style EU. In order to do that the UK needs to be within the EU. Btw, I did not say 30 years, I said 2030. No one knows the outcome of these timescales, or the payments due, yet.

  10. Fred, you state that Germany is a democratic country, it’s not, no country is democratic unless it follows the lead of Britain. These country’s do not control their own destiny which Britain is now about to achieve. I can’t understand why people still believe that Brexit will not happen. Personally I wish to remain but like all remainders it’s personal that’s all it is.

    • Carlos, of course Germany is a democracy. If it wants to follow the UKs lead, then its people need to vote for a candidate who wants their own “Gexit”. Merkel is up for re-election soon, so the electorate can decide then in a general election. Germany can leave the EU, if it wants, can it not?

      People who want to stay in the EU are controlling their destiny, a destiny within a united Europe of countries. Exiting and staying are still both destinies in their own right, neither is invalid. As for Brexit, we still need to see what the Supreme Court says, and it now has to listen to England, Scotland, and Wales (as well as other parties). I would like a free vote on it in Parliament, where UK law is made. Either that or a general election. It is a pity that people were not told the reality of the referendum, that it was not legally binding, merely “advisory” (which are the exact words of the act, if one cares to look). The government should have taken the result to Parliament for a vote. What is the purpose of Parliament if there is no debate taking place?

      As for remainers being “personal” in their decision, you’ve answered my question on another thread perfectly. A vote, for anything (remain or stay in this case) always starts out as a personal decision. We all look at how the decision affects us and our families first, even if at first we don’t think that we are doing that. That is just a normal human reaction, it’s not a purposeful biased decision. Of course the vote affects people differently depending on where they reside, I’ve never said any different, but it is nonsense to suggest that expats have no interest in the UK. Of course they do, most still have families there, some have properties there, some have businesses and clients there, many holiday there, and so forth. They never lose that connection, and it is quite valid that they would want to keep the UK within the EU, both for those personal reasons, and for much bigger reasons too i.e. safety in numbers, human rights, laws, freedom of movement etc. The personal reasons are often part of the larger reasons too; they overlap. I think the argument for a per-citizen membership of the EU becomes stronger and stronger. The EU needs to restructure if it is to survive, and no country should have the ability to take away the existing rights of people. That’s me done on this thread lol.

      • Fred, my posting “Fred, you state that Germany is a democratic country, it’s not, no country is democratic unless it follows the lead of Britain. These country’s do not control their own destiny which Britain is now about to achieve”. It’s a proven fact that their destiny is not controlled by the government that they had voted for but by the European commission.
        You stated. “Carlos, of course Germany is a democracy. If it wants to follow the UKs lead, then its people need to vote for a candidate who wants their own “Gexit”. Fred you have just confirmed my point. But to cut to the chase if you care to read this link it will confirm my point about what the name of demoracy means, fortunately not your form of democracy where an elected government is controlled by others. Rest my case.

        • Fred, just read the full report of the link I had sent you and I was 100% correct and you were wrong. Btw, this was the last paragraph in that link. “There is no democracy anywhere in the system, but if we are to achieve the desirable goal of creating a democratic Britain then leaving the EU is the necessary first step”. Sorry mate.

  11. After WW11 the Nazi mass murderers in Austria and Germany had their debts forgiven and massive Marshall aid given to them. The public school scum who control the UK did absolutely nothing to oppose this American plan. The Marshal Aid plan was enacted for two reasons – to finish off the old British Empire and to appease the ruling elite in the USA who were and are paranoid about Russia. They were’nt interested in rooting out all the killers for public execution in Austria and Germany, indeed under Operation Paperclip they brought not only Nazi scientists to America but quite a few Gestapo, to use them at the School of American Studies at Fort Benning in Georgia.

    A strong government in the UK could tell the Eu where to go. Sadly the Nasty party are all bluster and as for the Pink Tories they have never been strong on anything.

    • Nobody wanted to destroy the British Empire, because It was destroyed. The aim of the Marshal plan was to erradicate the misery in Western Europe for to impede the rise of the comunism.

  12. Anselmo, shut up your just talking rubbish. The British Empire was deserted by the British ruling class – they ran away from India, instead of taking time because Mountbattenburg ordered them to, thus causing the deaths of millions. In Ceylon they left without removing the Tamils from southern India – the deadly enemy of the Singalese, Tamils that they brought over to do the work that the defeated Singalese refused to do and so began the cycle of killing that lasted for decades. The atrocities that occurred in the former German colonies in East Africa were every bit as bad as the Austrian/German Nazis had done in WW11.

    At the end of WW11 a strong leadership would have told the Americans what they could with the extortionate sums they were demanding for ‘leaselend’. It would have been an offer they could’nt refuse. Instead the British finally paid off this huge debt in 2005 – if anyone should have paid this ‘debt’ it should have been the Aryan Nazis.

    There was no German miracle that is pure b/s, that these untermenschen should have ben off rationing years before the British is simply outrageous and shos clearly how cowardly and servile the British ruling class is, not to mention the serf like attitude of the joke Labour party.

    Fred keeps banging on about reform, this is a totally disingenous argument and he knows it. Fact – the EU was born out of a business only environment the European Iron and Steel Community – it did not have any intention to represent ordinary Europeans – even more so today. It is a club to represent business interests and it is never going to move from that stated aim – the free movement of capital and labour. This fundamental aim was and is to control labour and capital for the benefit of a few rich people in every member country. It is heaving with the heavyweight parasite – lawyers.

    If it had been created to form a real community of European nations it would have had a totally different structure right from the beginning. 1st – one common unifying language that had to be learned at school in every member country along with the national language. At a stroke this would have removed the need for parasitic interpretors. All tax havens and other corrupt practices would have been banned at then start . All medieval pratices like bull fighting and hunting banned.

    Now let’s look at the reality of the EU today – no budget signed off for nearly 20 years, the bribing of companies, especially in the UK to relocate to Eastern European countries – for more profit, a totally corrupt CAP that only benefits big farmers and agribusinesses, whilst small farmers commit suicide. Allowing hormones/anti-biotics and pesticides to be freely used because these substances make good profits for various big businesses. Completely cowardly and inactive when Jugoslavia fell apart, something an idiot with half a brain knbew would happen when Tito died. Stood aside when the civilised Bosnians were facing extermination – Srebenica was only the most visible of the atrocities carried out – and morons cannot understand where jihadism started and why.

    To deny that the Krauts have dictated EU policy for so long is simply to deny reality – who sold so much military hardware to the Greeks knowing full well that they did’nt need nor could they afford most of what they bought. Never forget who sold so much of the same to Saddam Hussein, including what is nec. to make chemical weapons, just as they did to Assad in Syria. The Euro wa created at the behest of German industry, the % rate set too low at it’s introduction – for the benefit of German industry. There was no bailing out of Greece,it was the bailing out of greedy German and French banks.

    Finaly the Krauts and French now admit that they have to be hard (if we let them) on the UK because many other countries have had enough of the EU – making it absolutely clear that the EU does not repr4esent the intertests of ordinaryn Europeans but just like the Red Fascists in Russia whenall their 5 year plans proved to be toatlly counter-productive they blame others (the UK) for their abject failure. What decent organisation would elect almost unanimously an ugly drunken fraudster like Junker. Or allow the tax scams in Ireland/Luxembourg and the Netherlands – it can’t be reformed because those running it will never countenance any such thing.

    Italy is up next and the Italians are’nt a stupid people, if that goes then so does the EU., which will take down France followed by Spain/Portugal and Greece – bring it on so that we Europeans can crerate a real community of natuions that serve first and foremost the European people – industry should be a function of society, not the other way round – where is Danton and make sure the knives are sharp, there are many Robespierres that have to be dealt with.

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