FOR property hunters considering owning their dream holiday home in the sun, there are still so many reasons to look now.

Smart-currencyDespite Brexit’s impact – which has been minimal – the sun is still shining on the Costa del Sol.

Here are eight great reasons to get actively hunting!

1. Agents are working harder for their buyers today as there are less dreamers in the marketplace. But, tell them exactly what you want and stick to it, it easier for them as well.

2. Vendors who ‘need’ to sell will be more open to negotiate, as they are seeing less viewings.

3. Spanish property market has stabilised, and so has the economy, despite political wobbles.

4. Leisure and living costs are almost half that of northern Europe – shopping, eating out, etc

5. Mortgage deals at circa 2 percent if you wish to finance the property and LTV as high as 70 percent.

6. Great rental potential and returns, especially during the summer months to holiday makers- tourism in Spain is rising year on year.

7. THE WEATHER of course!!

8. Easily accessible. Frequecy of flights into Malaga is second to none, you have Gibraltar as well … in the winter a return can be under 100 euros. (and by sea to Bilbao with your car, pets and goodies)

From a currency perspective, and  being a UK buyer, Sterling is still subject to fluctuation, and weak.

However,  keep reminding yourself of the reasons for coming to Spain, (as above) and use your property agents to negotiate the best deal for you, and Smart Currency Exchange will get the best exchange rate to match!

Contact Smart Currency on 0808 163 0102.

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  1. The headline “Safe to buy in Spain” is deceiving. Having a better exchange rate does not make your purchase in Spain any “safer”, especially in a period where an exit from the EU will potentially change all of your rights overnight.

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