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Spain’s new windfall tax on banks and energy companies could raise more money than predicted

A new windfall tax on excess profits made by banks and energy companies in Spain could net more than the €3 billion forecast for...

Spain cuts windfall tax grab on energy firms to win support of regional political parties

CONGRESS has approved a new windfall tax on excess profits made by energy firms but only after the government agreed to changes demanded by...

Spain’s Finance Minister says inflation rate fall is accelerating

SPAIN'S Finance Minister, Nadia Calvino, has said that the country's inflation rate fall is accelerating. In an interview with the Reuters news agency, Calvino said...

Spain threatens oil companies as filling station prices continue to spiral upward

SPAIN'S Finance Minister, Nadia Calviño, has blasted a warning to oil companies who are hiking petrol pump prices despite a 20 cent per litre...

Tax cuts on electricity bills in Spain extended until April 2022 as wholesale prices reach new record high

TAXES on electricity bills in Spain will continue at lower rates until at least April 2022. The announcement was made in Congress this Wednesday by...

‘TAXING TIMES’ for ex-IMF boss and Spanish bank chairman Rodrigo Rato who faces 70 years in prison

A former head of the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and chairman of Spain's Bankia, Rodrigo Rato, could be jailed for 70 years if he is...

Spain’s Finance Minister in COVID-19 ‘third wave’ warning and announces official extension of UK travel ban until March 30

SPAIN'S Finance Minister has announced that UK travel restrictions have been extended until March 30 and warned that the third wave of COVID-19 infections...

Spain’s finance minister fails to impress MEPs for European Central Bank role

The candidates were grilled on their approaches to monetary policy, with some MEPs expressing 'reservations for minister De Guindos's appointment', said Roberto Gualtieri, the committee’s chairman. 

Ukraine’s ex-finance minister seized in Spain

Ukraine's ex-finance minister was detained by police in Altea in Alicante yesterday

Brand new cuts to target foreigners in Spain

Ten billion euros more is to be slashed from health and education, the PP has announced

Victory for the home owners

But judge who sided with mortgage defaulters could undermine Spanish economy




Man dies in Spain’s Valencia region after being gored by a bull at a local fiesta

A MAN has died in Spain’s Valencia region after he was gored by a bull during local fiestas. Another participant in the event was...


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